Card Billing Troubleshooting

Once your payment card is added, monthly subscriptions will be charged automatically without additional efforts.

Find out more how to proceed with payment card adding procedure here

However, you may face different kind of errors while trying to add your payment card to the system. 

Below you'll find a most common list of them and an instruction how they can be solved.
Card Billing Transaction errors:

  • DO NOT HONOR, Transaction Not Allowed, Processor Declined -  this error means that a  transaction itself is declined by the issuing bank.
  • Insufficient Funds - this error means that a card balance does not allow the transaction to be made. Also, it can mean, that your card currency is not USD (as an example, EURO) and there are restrictions set on it which do allow to charge any sums in currencies other than the main card currency. In such case, you should contact your bank and remove these restrictions.
  • Expired Card - this error means that your payment card is invalid and should be re-issued.
  • Invalid Credit Card Number, Invalid Expiration Date - this error means that your payment card information is incorrect.
  • Cardholder's Activity Limit Exceeded -  this error means that a limit per transaction set by your issuing bank is exceeded.
  • Limit Exceeded - this error means that numerous transactions of the cardholder has led the charge to be blocked. 

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What should I do if I observe a transaction error?

Almost each transaction error can be fixed once reaching to the bank or updating your payment card information with a correct data. Aa a rule, it is required to reach out your bank to complete or allow the transactions which were declined due to one of the reasons listed above.


Should you have more additional questions on the reasons for transaction errors, feel free to contact your Dedicated Account Manager on this matter. 

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