How to work with referral program

A referral program is a deliberate way of letting your partners engage referrals into your business.

Below you can find a step-by-step guide that will help you to create a referral program that will work for you:

  1. Referral program can be enabled or disabled in the Admin panel - >  Settings - > Affiliate dashboard design - > General - >  Allow Referral links:Annotation_on_2019-4-5.png
  2. Once referral program is enabled, Affiliate’s referral link can be found in Affiliate’s cabinet - > Profile - > Referral program (on the bottom of the page):_________.png

  3.  /?ref=affiliate_id  part of the link (ex. if affiliate’s ID is 4096, 'affiliate_id will be replaced with affiliate's ordinal ID and this part of the referral link will look as /?ref=4906) should be added to the Affiliate’s ‘sign up’ direct link:__________2.png
  4. So the updated referral link will look the following way: (where ‘4906’ is Affiliate’s ID)
  5. Once a referral is registered on your affiliate's panel using referral link , Affiliate 4906 will have referral affiliate 4907 listed as a referral in their affiliate's cabinet:referral.jpg
  6. Where: ID - ordinal ID of Referral in your admin panel, Date of registration - date and time of referral’s registration.
  7. In Admin panel Referral will be depicted in the general list of Affiliates (Admin Panel - > Affiliates - > Affiliate Management):on Referral’s edit page you’ll see information about referral partner under ‘referral partner’ field:



Where can I check referral’s statistics?

As for referral statistics, it can be checked in Admin Panel - > Statistics - > Referrals:


Or via affiliate’s panel - Statistics - > Referrals:Annotation_on_2019-4-5__2_.png

Notice: statistics on referral will be depicted in Affiliate's panel only when a billing for the main Affiliate is generated.

In referral's statistics you'll be able to see the following information:

Referral - affiliate who has joined your affiliate’s program using Affiliate’s referral link.

Affiliate - an affiliate who has shared their referral link.

Active - referral payments can be active (yes) and non-active (no):

Yes - Active referral payments mean that a billing for referral has been closed and referral payments become ‘active’,i.e. they can be paid to Affiliate who has shared their referral link. Once a billing is closed for a referral, referral payments will appear in the Affiliate's billing automatically, once a billing is generated.

No - non - active referral payments means that a billing for referral has not been closed and referral payments are temporary ‘blocked’. To make them ‘active’, generate a billing for a referral and 'close' it.

Status - referral payments can be of two statuses:

  1. Payout - payout status means that referral payments have been successfully added in Affiliate’s billing and the billing of a referral is closed.
  2. Pending - pending status means that referral payments are awaiting to be paid to Affiliate:billing for a referral is generated but not yet closed.

Count - a number of conversions.

Referral payment - a sum that will be paid to the Affiliate according to referral payments percent assigned in the Settings (on a platform or affiliate's level).

Currency - currency of referral payments.

Total - amount of referral payments for affiliates (total referral payments)



How to Generate a Referral Billing?

Since a referral belongs to a general Affiliate list, billing for a referral should be generated in the admin panel - > Billing - > Affiliates

Once billing of a referral receives a 'completed' status, referral payments become 'active' and they can be paid to the the main Affiiliate. 

Referral payments will be added in the billing of the main Affiliate once the billing for the main Affiliate is generated. 


Where can I set referral payment percent (%)?

Referral payment percent (%) can be set globally for all the Affiliates:

Settings - > Affiliate Dashboard Design - > General - > Referral payments (%):


Or individually for a specific Affiliate:

 Affiliates - > Affiliate Management - > Edit - > Referral percent:



Should you have any further doubts or questions on Affise referral program, feel free to contact our support team via operating 24/7 for your convenience.


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