Affise Referral Program

You can get easily rewarded when recommending Affise product to your partners just by participating in Affise Referral program.

How can I join Affise referral program?

Affise referral program is available in your Admin panel and can be found on the top of the page:


Once pressing on 'Referral program' in your admin panel, you will be introduced to the following page:


On this very page you can let your partners know about Affise product, send invitations to join Affise to your partners, track your own statistics on how many clients have joined Affise using your referral link and which payout you have received as a result. 


How can I use it?

You can become a participant of Affise referral program just in a few steps:

Invite Partners by Email: send an invitation letter to join Affise to your partners via email and press ‘send invite’. 

Share your link: share your referral link additionally in your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let your partners know about Affise product.

Your promocode: use your individual promocode in your referral link. It can be also used for Affise different special offers you'll be notified additionally.


Where can I see how many partners have joined Affise due to my recommendations?

As a result in payouts section you’ll see:

Date: statistics on the number of all the clients/active clients depicted for a month.

Number of clients: number of clients who have joined Affise using your referral link for a chosen month.

Number of Active clients: number of currently active clients who have joined Affise using your referral link for a chosen month.

Payout: a sum that you have been rewarded with for the partner(-s) who have joined Affise for each month.

For each newly referred Affise client you will recieve a referral bonus of $200 that you can spend for discounted invoice.
On this matter you should contact your dedicated Customer Success manager to use your referral balance for partially invoice payment.


Should you have any further doubts or questions on Affise referral program, feel free to contact our support team via operating 24/7 for your convenience.

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