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FraudScore evaluates the quality and consistency of mobile traffic in advertising campaigns (CPC, CPI, CPA, etc.). Also, it helps to investigate issues with low-quality traffic, reporting an independent expert. FraudScore evaluates traffic in many dimensions by taking into consideration mobile-specific parameters: emulators, install-bot farms, device-spoofing, proxy unmasking, etc.

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If you'd like to start using the FraudScore plugin on the Affise platform, the first step for you will be to register via this link.

Registration is being done in 3 steps:

  1. setting personal information
  2. confirming the registration via an email
  3. adding information about your company, or any other additional information

Please note that the FraudScore team is checking each registration till approval, the client has no access to the cabinet.

Once your registration is confirmed, - you’ll have two options:

- trial period - 1 free month( will be discussed with the FraudScore manager)

- purchasing one of the plans and start using the system on a paid basis:

Once the registration is done, an option for the usage is chosen, you’ll be able to choose the type of integration: Postback or API via this link.

Postback integration

Postback integration means getting all the data from the Affise system via the postback.

At first, you'll need to get your API key for the postback-type of integration with Affise from your FraudScore cabinet. 

Then, paste it in the field for it on the Affise admin panel, Marketplace section, FraudScore, and enable the plugin.

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FraudScore API key is used for the clients' identification for each sent postback.

Please note, you have two options for sending the data on Affise:

  1. Send all conversions - that means that all the conversions will be sent into the FraudScore system by defaultScreenshot_128.png
  2. Use the plugin optionally by turning it on on the needed offers only on the offers creation page:Screenshot_129.png

After the plugin is enabled, you’ll be able to see the first report in the FraudScore system in 30 minutes.

API integration

Such type of integration is a unique service for getting all the data for further analysis.

API type of integration is more perspective solution for integration than a postback for today, and to make it you’ll need to take your API key in the 'Users' section - > 'User management' - > 'User edit' page and place it in your cabinet at the FraudScore system by following this integrational instruction.


import.png Only the user with the General manager role has access to the 'User edit' page.

import.pngAs a default, for all the Affise clients, there is set a filter for getting the conversions: allowed only that conversions with the goal_value 1, for all the other conversions, you’ll need to contact your manager in the FraudScore system to allow them. 


It’s a logical extension of the API integration. This is the additional option which may be turned on by the clients' request (should be discussed separately with your FraudScore manager), and lets you set the allowed level of the fraud, so then, if it is higher- there will be done the automatic rejection of the conversions via Affise API.


All data related to the analyzed traffic will be shown in the FraudScore system.

That is located in the report section, where you’ll be able to find all of the data (general and detailed)

Also, each client at the FraudScore will have API access to all of the data so that it may be passed back into the Affise system, and be shown in the statistic section.

You can also check all data related to the analyzed traffic in the Affise system. Go to 'Statistics' section - > 'FraudScore' slice: 


Here you need to enter your FraudScore credentials: e-mail and password. 

import.pngIn the Affise system, the integration with FraudScore is configured in such a way that our system displays the report only by conversions, not clicks. Therefore, during integration, you need to specify the API key for conversion, not for clicks

On this page, you can set the rules for automatic notifications about fraud conversions.

If you have any further doubts or additional questions on the Affise<>FraudScore integration, feel free to contact the FraudScore Team.

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