How to work with Facebook traffic

Facebook is definitely the source you want to use for promotion and get the benefits of access to its vast inventory. Facebook is well-known for its limitations in running campaigns with 3d party links, but it does not mean you are not able to buy traffic if you are using performance tracking platforms like Affise.

We prepared a simple 2-step guide on how to create Facebook ad campaigns using Affise tracking links.


Step 1. Set a custom tracking domain in Affise

In order to work with Facebook traffic, there is a special request tracking link domain that should be placed on the same domain as the landing (destination) page URL.

In order to do that you need to buy a custom domain and add it as a custom tracking domain in Affise account. Check an example below:

Final destination URL -
Custom tracking domain -

*It is required that the custom tracking domain will be on the same domain as destination URL. For example - is a destination url, than tracking link should be placed on the same domain:

An additional guide that might help in order to add custom tracking domain - How To Set Custom Domain Name In Affise?


Step 2. Create a Facebook Advertising Campaign

Create a campaign in Facebook ads account:

1. Click on button + Create


2. Select Traffic like your marketing objective in menu Campaign - Special Ad Category

3. Set a campaign name in menu Campaign - Objective

4. Set a name for the Adv group and pick the destination Website for the income traffic in menu Ads Set - Traffic

5. Set a campaign targeting. We definitely recommend to make sure that you set up targeting for your ad the same as targeting requirements in your offer settings in Affise:




6. Make an additional settings for a budget and schedule



7. Connect your Facebook or/and Instagram account in menu AD - Identify. After that will be enough to choose a format of your Facebook campaign and upload Creatives.



8. Generate a tracking URL in Affise platform and this link as a Website URL in ads campaign:




9. That is it! All you need now is to make a final review of your created ad. When ready tap on "publish" button and wait for Facebook moderation completion.




If you have more feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.



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