Affise parameters & macros for S2S integration with Advertiser

Integration with Advertiser

Step 1:

Once a tracking link is received from the Advertiser,it should be placed in the Offer’s settings - > Tracking - > ‘Tracking URL’:


Advertiser gives their link with the parameters of the tracking platform they use, after all you should add Affise macros to the link. In order to get  an accurate list of Advertiser’s parameters, you should contact the Advertiser directly.

Affise macros for tracking URL of Advertiser can be found in the same section (Offer’s settings - > Tracking - > ‘Show macro’).

Affise macros for tracking links:

{clickid} or {click_id} - clickid_param_info: a required macro

{pid} - Partner ID

{ip} - IP-address

{geo} - Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)

{sub1} - SubId #1

{sub2} - SubId #2

{sub3} - SubId #3

{sub4} - SubId #4

{sub5} - SubId #5

{sub6} - SubId #6

{sub7} - SubId #7

{sub8} - SubId #8

{deeplink} - Deeplink

{device_ua} - Device User Agent

{offer_id} - Offer ID

{rand} - Unique number

{time} - Unix time

{city} - City

{time_petty} - Time of click committing in format H:i:s

{date_only} - Date of click committing in format Y-m-d

{affiliate_name} - Company name of affiliate

{advertiser_id} - ID of advertiser

{offer_name} - Offer title

{referrer} - Сlick referrer 

Step 2:

Postback generated in Affise system should be placed in the tracking system of Advertiser.

Affise postback template can be found in the Offer’s settings - > Postbacks - > ‘Integration pixels’ - > ‘S2S’ (Postbacks):


Or in ‘Advertisers’ section - > ‘Edit Advertiser’ - > ‘S2S’ (Postback):


The postback should have Affise parameters and advertiser’s macros that should be added to them accordingly.

The list of Affise parameters for a postback is as follows:

&clickid= - a required parameter: should be replaced with advertiser’s macro for click id

&action_id= - unique request ID in the advertiser's system

&goal= - goal number or goal value

&sum= - payout for conversion

&ip= - IP address of visitor who made a request (partially hidden in accordance with GDPR policy)

&status= - request status (the default value is 2 - "processing")

&referrer= - referrer (additional information on traffic and deeplinks)

&comment= - comment

&secure= - hash password generated on offer, advertiser level

&custom_field1= - custom field 1

&custom_field2= - custom field 2

&custom_field3= - custom field 3

&custom_field4= - custom field 4

&custom_field5= - custom field 5

&custom_field6= - custom field 6

&custom_field7= - custom field 7

In order to get  an accurate list of Advertiser’s macros for the postback, you should contact Advertiser directly.

Notice: macros are framed with brackets, the type of brackets of advertiser’s macros depend on the tracking system.

Affise macros: {}

Other tracking solutions: {}, [ ], [[ ]], # #, % % and etc.

In the majority of cases we pass info and get it back through the same params & macros:

Tracking link: &aff_sub={clickid}

Postback URL: clickid={aff_sub}

& is used to add different params to the link.


Should you have any further doubts or questions on S2S integration with Advertiser, feel free to contact

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