How to take S2S Integration test with Affiliate?

  Integration Test with Affiliate

a) Integration Test with Affiliate starts with tracking link generation on offer’s preview page.
Choose the needed Affiliate and press on ‘generate’ to get the tracking link:


Once the link is generated, it can be updated with Affise parameters and Affiliate’s macros.

You can use any of free subs parameters in the affiliate’s tracking link (sub1 - sub8) and additional parameter ref_id (notice: ref_id is only used to receive and pass back via a postback Affiliate’s clickid value : it’s not depicted in the statistics). After all, the link can be shared with the Affiliate.

import.png Once you'd like to omit targeting restrictions set in your offer, you can generate a test link with a special parameter &sub1=testofferlink


The generated tracking URL will look the following way:

This will help you to test how clicks are generated for a specific offer omiting the targeting restrictrions you have in the offer's settings.

b) When Affiliate’s postback is set and updated with Affise macros ( Affise macros for affiliate’s postbacks can be found in the affiliate panel - > ‘Profile’ - > ‘Postback information’, you can proceed with a test of Integration.

Receive a test link from Affiliate. Once the link is received, it should be tested in ‘Affiliates’ section - > ‘Testing links’.

When a test is run, you will see whether a test was successful or not:
a) If a test is successful, you will see the following message:


It means that a click and conversion were successfully generated and the related conversion for the mentioned above clickid can be checked in ‘conversions’ slice of statistics.

b) If a test is not successful,you’ll see one of the related messages:

  1. Click not created - ‘click not created’ message means that there are some targeting restrictions set in the offer on the client’s side or on the client’s affiliate side. All the targeting restrictions should be switched off during the test.
  2. Current IP-address is denied - since ‘testing links’ tool emulates advertiser’s postback, ‘current IP-address is denied’ means that you should delete the IP whitelist from advertiser profile/offer settings or add the IP address of the server which is used  to your whitelist.
  3. Access denied - ‘access denied’ message means that you should delete secure postback code generated on Advertiser's level/Platform level or Offer edit page and repeat the test.
  4. Not found tracking URL - ‘not found tracking URL’ message means that ‘testing tool’ cannot find Affise link in the chain of redirections. Use redirections checker, for example, Affilitest to check the chain of redirections. Affiliate’s testing link should redirect to Affise tracking URL at 1st instance and no additional redirections should be in-between. Ask the client to get back to Affiliate and ask them to set the correct redirection.
  5. Wrong URL - ‘wrong URL’ message means that ‘wrong’ link is used for a test purpose. Ask the client to get back to the Affiliate and ask them to check the link and redirections set.

import.pngMake sure that the link itself is valid, otherwise you’ll see the related message that the link is not valid.

If the test was successful, you should refer to ‘affiliate postbacks’ slice of statistics to check whether affiliate’s postback was sent:

  • HTTP code 200 means that a postback was successfully sent and received by Affiliate’s server:


  • Any other HTTP code response means that there is ‘something’ on Affiliate’s side that prevents from accepting Affise postback. Check affiliate's postback settings on your side and make sure that the set up is correct. If a postback is set up correct from your side, contact your Affiliate directly to find out the roots of the occured error:


What should I do if Affiliate's postback is not sent at all?

 If a postback was not sent to the Affiliate's once checked in 'Affiliate postbacks' section, proceed with the following actions:

1) Check if a postback is set up for the Affiliate on the affiliate's edit page (Affiliates - > Affiliate Management -> Find specific Affiliate -> Edit)

2) If a postback is set, check postback's set up:


Check whether a local postback for a specific offer or a global postback set up for a specific affiliate. Do not forget to re-check the status & goal of the generated conversion and status&goal of a postback which is set up for the affiliate. Make sure that they are the same. Find more details on the logic of sending affiliate's postbacks here

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If you feel like there are some questions left upon S2S Integration Test with Affiliate, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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