Add Cerberus Network

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To add Cerberus as the CPAPI source, you need to:

1) Click on Demand source > New Demand source:


2) Use Search to choose the Cerberus network type:


3) Fill in the fields with API credentials. Also, you will see a recommended macro set for Cerberus
More parameters that can be used:


 Publisher Click ID


 Subaccount 1

 sub_id2  Subaccount 2


 Android ID


 iOS Device ID
 device_uid  Accepts Both Android ID And iOS Device ID


 App Name


 App Bundle




 Param 1


 Param 2


 Param 3


 Param 4

4) After successfully adding the new source, you would see the Ready status of the source.

Your next step would be Creating a Campaign. Please follow these instructions. 

Should you need any further assistance, please, contact

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