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Server postbacks

There is no validation on the case when server postbacks receiving.

Let's take a look at the example: the offer has "Install" goal value, but the advertiser sent you "install" goal value instead. In this case, Affise system will receive this goal value and won't decline a conversion with the comment "Payments not found". The system reads both values as equal ones. 


Affiliate postbacks

There is no validation on the case when affiliates postback sending.

Let's take a look at this example:

1) The offer has "Install" goal value, but you received a server postback with "install" goal value.


When you choose a goal in a local postback for an affiliate, the goal value is taken from the offer:


So if you leave the postback like that, the conversion with "install" goal value will be sent, despite the goal value in the offer is 'Install'

import.png It is not possible to save the same goal value with different case еven if both goals have different goal titles:

  • in general and personal payouts
  • in several general payouts
  • in several personal payouts

For example, you can't save 'install' goal value for the general payout and 'Install' goal value for the personal one - the error will appear: 


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If you still have any questions left on postbacks as well as payouts set up, feel free to address them to Affise Technical Support Team via  as long as to contact your Dedicated Account Manager.  

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova

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