CR Automation

CR Automation is aimed to automate work with your campaigns based on CR percentage under specific conditions set by you.

Why does CR Automation rely on CR %?

There can be two undesirable scenarios while promoting a campaign:

1) Low CR %: it means that a received traffic for a specific campaign is of low quality - there is a few number of conversions made on a large number of clicks. Which is commonly not acceptable for advertisers. 
2) High CR %: as a rule, high CR % says about fraud traffic. Which is also not desirable for Advertisers who need to promote their campaigns successfully.

That's why all you need to do is to set a specific rule(-s) and let CR & sub accounts optimisation tool help you to automate your campaigns based on your specific business needs and preferences.

CR & sub accounts optimisation contains three sections: rules, change log and block log:

Below you’ll find the description of all three sections.


This section contains settings of automation by affiliate and sub-account 2 value. The following fields need to be filled to make the rule automate the campaign:


  1. Advertiser - Advertiser is a required field. Choose the needed Advertiser (-s) the Automation should work for.
  2. Offer - Offer is not a required field and can be set optional. Choose the needed Offer (-s) the Automation should work for. Notice: if you have set the Advertiser (-s) earlier during the 1st step, you'll be able to choose only the offers that are run by Advertisers set. If no offer (-s) is chosen, the optimisation will work for all the offers of this Advertiser(-s). 
  3. Filters - 'Filters' is a time range that needs to be set when optimisation process will take place. It's set for 1 Hour by default but you can choose a longer period of time out of a drop-down menu based on your needs. Choose the time range  for which the data will be taken for to be automated out or a drop-down menu. 'Conversion threshold' is a required field. You should set the min limit of the conversions which will make optimisation rule work.
  4. Schema - You can choose one of the two conditions out of a drop-down menu the automation should work under: by affiliate (-s) and by affiliate(-s) and offer sub2 per offer. Multiple affiliates can be chosen in 'Affiliates' field.
  5. Affiliates - You can choose Affiliates CR Optimisation will work for. If you do not choose any, optimisation will work for all the affiliates of a chosen campaigns.
  6. CR Thresholds  - Min CR % is a required field. Max CR % is an optional field  that be set for the created rule. Min CR % - Max CR % (if one is set) is the desirable CR percent range for specified campaigns. If this percent is out of the set limits(for example, under the rule 3% <= CR <= 50% , Affiliate's CR is 2 %, automation tool will start optimisation process).
  7. Notify affiliate - Notify affiliate is not a required field and notifications on blocking can be sent to the affiliate optional. Notice: the option is turned on by default.

How does it work?

Once the rule is created for a specific Advertiser (-s) and Offer (-s), the Automation tool will check the data for a specified time range per min CR % (and max CR % if one is set) under one of the conditions:Affiliate(-s) or Affiliate (-s) and offer sub2 (sub2 value received via a tracking URL from the affiliate (-s)).

Once the min CR Threshold is not reached or exceeds the max CR percent (if one is set), CR optimisation will do the following:
1) Once schema "By Affiliate" is set, Affiliate(-s) with undesirable CR will be automatically disabled from the offer.

2) Once schema "By Affiliate and offer sub2" is set, sub2 value which does not comply with CR Threshold set will be blocked for the whole offer. In other words, if you have set a rule for Affiliates 'X', 'Y', 'Z', CR % will be counted only for these specified Affiliates per offer.

Notice: CR & sub-accounts optimisation takes into consideration values whitelisted/blacklisted under 'Allowed sub account 2' on offer's level and automatically makes the needed changes in this field based on how a specific rule has worked.

Let's have a look how it works for the offers at the following example:

For offer 'Y' sub2 value 'abc' was manually whitelisted under 'Allowed sub account 2':


Once CR&sub-accounts optimisation is set by "Affiliate and offer sub2" and 'abc' value received from the Affiliate via a tracking URL does not comply with CR Threshold set in the rule, sub2 value 'abc' set in the offer under 'Allowed sub account 2' will be automatically removed from this field.

Change log

Use change log to see when a rule was added,updated and deleted:


 Or to find out more details on what was changed for a specific rule:


Block log

Once an affiliate or sub account value are blocked, you can check the blocked data in Block Log section:


In Block log you’ll find information on which affiliate(-s) or sub2 value were blocked for a specific offer and advertiser, current CR for the offer and CR Thresholds.


Should you have any further doubts or questions on CR&sub-accounts optimisation work, feel free to contact our support team via

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