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Account Creation

To get started with offers, you need to create an account in Affiliate Panel. It can be done in two ways:

1.Affiliate registered in the system herself/himself.

On Affiliate panel's sign-up page Affiliate need to fill all mandatory fields as well as create a password in order to be registered.

import.png Remember that a name and an email can’t be the same. Otherwise, it’ll hurt the tracking. 

After the registration, a new Affiliate will receive an email with instructions:


2. Affise client creates an Affiliate  account via Admin panel

Affise client may create a new Affiliate account via Admin panel. Then Affise client needs to give a new Affiliate credentials in order to let get to profile on Affiliate panel.

3. Affise client creates an Affiliate account via API

Affise client may create a new Affiliate account via API. After the registration via API, a new Affiliate will receive an email with instructions:


Affiliate panel overview

After account creation in Affiliate panel, you will have access to the next sections:

  • Dashboard: here you can see aggregated statistics, last news, your manager contacts.
  • Offers: here you have access to offers you can either start using right now or request access to them.
  • Smartlinks: here you have access to Smartlinks you can either start using right now or request access to them.
  • Statistics: here you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.
  • Payments: here you can see the whole list of payments.
  • News: here you can see the whole list of all news.


  • Referrals: here you can see the list of your referral partners (ID, time of registration and name).


  • API: here you can find more information about how to use API. 
  • Support: here you can see your pre-moderation offer requests decisions and create a new ticket for your manager.


You also can use the Dark theme by moving this slider:


If you don't see the slider, please refer to your account manager.

Panel Settings 

Before starting work with offers, you need to set your profile. To proceed with profile settings go to the 'Profile' Section:


In profile settings you may specify:

1. Profile personal information 


2. Change password


3. Generate API-key and enable/disable 2FA authentication


Enable two-factor authentication checkbox is a security measure. How it works: 

  • You insert your login and password
  • You get the form where you need to insert the code:code1.png

As this code is located on your mailbox, you need to go there, copy the code and insert it to the form.

import.png Your manager can make the 2FA authentication enabled forcibly. In this case you can't make it disable.

4. Add Global postback


5. Change locale settings


6. Add payment system 


7. Use the Referral program



In case when you try to log into the account, but a mistake occurs:


You need to press on the 'Password recovering' button, enter the email to get the link for password recovering, press on the 'Get link' button, and follow the instructions in the email and resolve such a problem. 


click__1_.pngFind out more about possible reasons of uncapability to sign in to the affiliate panel here.

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 If you have more questions on the Getting Started with Affiliate panel, feel free to contact your personal Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section.

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova

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