Add WeQ network

In order to add WeQ as the CPAPI source you need to:
1) Click on Demand source > New Demand Source:

demand_source.jpg2) Use Search to choose WeQ network type:3) Fill in the fields with API credentials. Also, you will see a recommended macro set for WeQ and Affise integration.aff_click_id={clickid}

Also, you can add the next parameters:
aff_sub1 - aff_sub5 -for your sub publisher or source id or any other kind of additional info you need to send to WeQ

These can be used to pass data to WeQ that can later be used for your internal reporting and optimization or passed back to you on an install event via your S2S postback URL you would provide to us.
4) After successful adding the new source you would see Ready status of the source.
Your next step would be Creating a Campaign. Please follow these instructions.

If you have any questions regarding WeQ Limited platform you can contact them via

Should you need any further assistance regarding CPAPI, please, contact

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