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Note for usage

It's suggested that the postback data mentioned in this article be implemented by technical staff. Please check related technical articles for more technical details.

Introduction of the feature

Affiliate management covers the settings for standard affiliates and custom affiliates:

  1. Standard affiliates: attribution model and click/impression life span can be set separately (this life span is used for identifying unique clicks and matching with actions. We suggest you keep it the same as the settings on the affiliate side).
  2. Custom affiliates: needed info can be manually set to be post-backed. All the info can be activated/disabled in the “status” column for affiliate postback data.

Standard affiliates

Enter the admin center (1), click affiliate management (2), click edit for a certain affiliate (3) and then you can enable or disable the “impression tracking” for the affiliate (4). If the “impression tracking” is not available for you, please contact our support.

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Confirm the name of the affiliate. (1) If you chose a wrong one please click the back button and choose a new one to edit.

Change the attribution model and click the life span (2) and settings for data postbacks (3). Click status to enable/disable the data postback (4).

Markup 2020-06-25 at 18.12.43.png

Click to save after changes are done (1).

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Custom affiliates 

Enter the admin center (1), click affiliate management (2), and then add new custom affiliates or edit certain custom affiliates (3).

Markup 2020-06-25 at 18.14.38.png

Enter affiliate name (1), choose its type (2), attribution model (3), and click/impression life span (4) and data for postback (5).

Markup 2020-06-25 at 18.15.43.png

Markup 2020-06-25 at 18.16.48.png

Click save after the form is filled in (1).

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  1. Due to business needs, the click life span cannot be changed for some standard affiliates and their drop-down menu for click life span is disabled. E.g. Google, Toutiao(Owned by Bytedance), Tencent ads platform and social ads, Inmobi and Chartboost, etc.
  2. Standard affiliates cannot be deleted and custom ones can.
  3. If imp attribution is not supported for a standard it means we haven’t integrated with them for impression tracking and attribution. Please kindly help with the integration if you need the service.
  4. Customs can only use imprecise (blurry) attribution. If impression or precise integration is needed please suggest the POC for this affiliate to integrate with TD.5. To make sure there are no discrepancies between affiliates and TD, action postbacks cannot be turned off for standard affiliates and cannot be changed.

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