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Server Postbacks

In the 'Server Postbacks' section, you'll be able to check the logs for the postbacks sent by your Advertiser. Postbacks' logs can contain an extremely useful piece of information, once you need to check the Integration set with your Advertiser (both S2S and C2S). 


It is possible to find a certain parameter passed via postback link by using of 'Search' field.  Search algorithm will look through all parameters located in 'Postback parameters' column. The results will display partial-matched parameters as well as fully-matched ones.

You can filter data by date, click ID, status, goal, action ID, offer, advertiser, affiliate, and response status. If you want to filter by click ID, status, goal, and action ID, make sure that this data was passed via postback link by your advertiser. An example: if the advertiser didn't pass conversion's status, it will be assigned to the conversion automatically and you won't be able to find this status by filtering in the 'Server postbacks' slice.

If you want to navigate data on conversions, you can do it in Conversions slice of Statistics.

The following columns represent the server postbacks table:

  • Offer, Advertiser, Affiliate - offer/advertiser/affiliate information.
  • Clickid - Affise 24-symbol clickid value for which conversion takes place.
  • Status - conversion's status: if not passed, a conversion will be later registered in Affise with a status according to the offer's payouts settings.
  • Goal - conversion's goal value passed by your Advertiser based on your offer's payouts settings. If not passed, a conversion will be later registered in Affise with goal value=1 by default. There is no validation on Goal value's case: if the offer contains "Install" goal value and the postback with "install" goal value has been received, the conversion will be approved.
  • Action_id - unique conversion's ID passed by your Advertiser. If not passed, a conversion will be later registered in Affise with a conversion ID, which equals click ID value.
  • IP for S2S (postback) Integration: server's IP a postback is sent from; for C2S (pixel) Integration: user's IP.
  • Date - date and time when a postback was registered in Affise.
  • Delta - time between a click took place and a postback registered in Affise.
  • Postback parameters - click on 'postback parameters' to get detailed information on the data which has been passed by your Advertiser via a postback URL. There are parameters used in the postback link. But there are some exceptions:
    • 'source' parameter: shows a success page in case of C2S integration
    • 'pixel' parameter: shows that C2S integration is used in the particular case
  • Response - Affise server's response status: if a postback was registered successfully in Affise and conversion has been generated, find 'status:1' in the same column. If a postback was accepted by Affise server but has not been registered successfully, find 'status:2' (click on it to find out an exact Integration error).

import.png Note that Postbacks' Logs are available for the last three (3) months.

You can use API to get statistics on server postbacks:

GET /3.0/stats/serverpostbacks

Affiliates Postbacks


On the Affiliates postbacks' slice, you can check the logs of the affiliates' postback, which have been sent or not sent to the Affiliates due to a particular reason.

Affiliates postbacks table is represented with the following data:

  • Postback URL -  a postback URL which has been sent to your Affiliate based on your Affiliate's settings.
  • Conversion ID -  ID of a conversion. 
  • Affiliate - Affiliate (ID) Name.
  • Offer -  Offer (ID) Name.
  • Goal - conversion's goal value. There is no validation on Goal value's case: if the conversion has "Install" goal value, the postback is set up for "install" goal value, it will be sent.
  • Status - conversion's status. 
  • Payouts - conversion's payout (can be set and updated in the offer's payouts settings).
  • Revenue - conversion's revenue (can be set and updated in the offer's payouts settings).
  • Currency - conversion's currency.
  • Notice - conversion's comment message.
  • HTTP code - Affiliate's server response. If Affise postback has reached Affiliate's Server, find HTTP code 200 in the same column. If any other HTTP code is shown (e.g., HTTP code 403, HTTP code 204, etc.) - re-check the settings of Affiliate's postback on your side. Read more about all the possible errors while setting up Integration with Affiliate here.
  • Error - error message, which is shown while there was an unsuccessful attempt to send a postback to Affiliate's side. If the affiliate's server doesn't show any error text, it won't be depicted in this column.
  • Date - date and time when a postback URL was sent. 
  • Integration type - the type of integration that the conversion corresponds to.

You can use API to get statistics on affiliates postbacks:

GET /3.0/stats/affiliatepostbacks

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 If you have more questions on Statistics sections, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova

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