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Statistics Summary

On the 'Statistics' tab, you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.

Statistics section currently has the following slices:


Below you'll find a description of Conversions slice.

Conversions Statistics


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In the 'Conversions' slice of the 'Statistics' tab, you'll be able to see detailed information on conversions and modify their statuses, payouts, etc. or import new ones. Here you can also find out how to export conversions.

import.pngAll conversions in this slice (except the imported ones) are depicted based on server postbacks. If you don't see any conversions, make sure there are relevant postbacks for them firstly.

You can filter conversions by date, offer, advertiser, affiliate, status, goal (only goal value), country, OS, device, payouts, revenue, action ID, click ID, smartlink, currency, sub-accounts, custom fields and the date when the conversion was changed ('Updated at' filter). You also can use the 'Payment statuses' filter: it stands by whether a conversion is included in some billing. Find more information about this filter here.

At Conversions' Table, you'll see:

  • Date: the column includes two dates: the lower and upper one. The lower date displayed the time & date when a click was made. The upper date displayed the time & date when a conversion was made.
  • Click ID: Affise click ID value for which conversion was registered. 
  • Affiliate: Affiliate (ID) Name.
  • Offer: Offer (ID) Name.
  • ID: conversion ID. Conversion ID can be passed to Affise client on a postback level from the Advertiser with the help of the &action_id= parameter. If one is passed, the same value will be recorded under the ID column for the conversion. If no conversion ID is passed to Affise client via a postback URL, ID will equal click ID of a conversion. 
  • Payouts: a sum paid to Affiliate by Affise client (can be updated or set in the Offer's settings -> Payouts) for one conversion.

import.pngIf the payout is less than 0.0001, it is rounded to tenth decimal; if the payout is equal to 0.0001 or bigger - it is rounded to the fourth decimal.

  • Revenue: a sum paid to Affise client by Advertiser (can be updated or set in the Offer's settings -> Payouts -> Total).

import.pngPayouts and Revenue columns would be equal to 0 only if the conversion was rejected with a comment of 'Payments not found' or there are relevant settings in the offer. In all other cases, the conversion will be with money.

  • Currency: conversion's currency (can be updated or set in the Offer's settings -> Payouts -> Currency). 

import.png Note that currencies are updated in the system every 3 hours. The currency exchange rate between default currency and payment currency in conversions is recorded at the moment of the Postback event. 

  • OS: user's OS.
  • Goal: goal value and goal title (if one is set). If there are two values in this column: the upper one stands for goal title, the lower one stands for goal value. If your Advertiser does not pass a goal value to you, all the conversions will be recorded with goal=1 by default.
  • Geo: user's IP. If the Advertiser passed some IP via &ip= parameter in the Postback link, this IP would appear in the column instead. IPs from European countries, which accepted GDPR, are shown partially as 92.151.38.XXX.
  • Device: user's Device.
  • Device User-Agent: user's Device User-Agent data. In Affise, we define UA data based on the 51degrees database. Affise updates its data in compliance with the 51degrees database. GEO data is defined based on the Digital Element database.
  • Afprice: under this column, you'll be able to see which sum is passed by your Advertiser via a postback with the help of &sum= parameter for one conversion. As a rule, sum needs to be passed when you've set a rev-share (percent) type of payment in the offer's settings. If you see '0', it means that Advertiser does not pass you the value in the mentioned above parameter. Check this article to know how to work with Afprice.
  • Status: conversion's status. Read more about conversion's statuses here.
  • Sub accounts: values passed via &sub1-&sub8= parameters in the Tracking URL. 
  • Sub accounts (encrypted): encrypted sub1-sub8 values. It is possible to pass to the advertiser encrypted values, which he won't be able to identify. See more information here.

If you'd like to depict more information or, vice versa, hide some of the columns -  use the 'Select fields' option for this purpose:


You can also easily update conversions' information using the 'Edit' button:


Press the 'Recovery' button if you want to cancel the changes. 

You also can use API to edit conversions:

POST /3.0/admin/conversion/edit

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 If you have more questions on Statistics sections, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova

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