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Statistics Summary

On the Statistics page, you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.

Statistics section currently has the following slices:


Below you'll find a description of those Statistics Slices, which are most commonly used by Affise customers. 

Custom Statistics

Custom statistics can be easily used, once you need to view some specific, detailed, or even summary statistics using particular filters for a particular timeframe. 

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On the Custom Statistics page you'll see:

  • Filters (1): use any of the available filters to depict statistics for particular Offers/Affiliates/Account Managers/Countries, etc. 
  • Preset (2): create different presets to make your work with statistics data faster.
  • Checkboxes (3): use various checkboxes to depict in the report only specific data. The opportunity to check this or that checkbox depends on the relevant permission. Check our guide on it to find more information.

Under Options, you'll see a checkbox 'Non-zero conversions' (4) which can be checked once you need to depict only the clicks for which after all conversions were made. Clicks for which there are no conversions, as a result, will not be displayed.

If you tick 'Revenue', 'Earnings', 'Payouts' flags, you will see the sum of money for conversions of all statuses even if you additionally choose some flag that stands for some certain conversions status.

import.png Remember to maintain compatibility once using checkboxes: the report should be logical. The system should understand which data you'd like to depict. There are several levels of validation:

  1. Once the 'Goal' flag is ticked, there is no opportunity to choose data on traffic (impressions, clicks, hosts).
  2. Once 'Trafficback reason' flag is ticked, there is no opportunity to choose data on traffic (impressions, clicks, hosts), conversions (by status and total), Revenue, Earnings, Payouts, EPC, CR, Ratio, Subs, Landings&Pre-landings, Targetings components (city, OS, etc.), Smartlink. Also, it is impossible to tick the 'Non-zero conversions' flag.

Clicks data view is filtered by Date, Offer, and Affiliate only.

import.png Note that the sub-account statistic is available for 30 days. Sub-accounts statistics is presented by unique raw data; that's why the volume of the potentially depicted data can be extremely high. Once you've created a report with sub-accounts data, check the timeframe you're trying to view statistics for, make sure it's no more than 30 days. If your report is complex, split this period to smaller ones.

import.pngIn case you want to filter data by CR, you should note that CR will be counted for conversions in all statuses (approved, pending, declined, hold), not only in the approved status. 

You can use API to get Custom Statistics. Use this method: 

GET /3.0/stats/custom

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 If you have more questions on Statistics sections, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova


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