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This guide is created to describe the integration process between Talking Data and Affise


Integration flow:

  • Fill in the integration application form provided by the support from AdTracking (Talking Data), then sent it to

  • AdTracking integration Team reviews the application and replies with integration date, POC, and other details.

  • Two sides start testing, during which if anything disrupts the process please send the details to 

  • After the integration is successful, the integration team will send a formal mail to notify the network (it's considered test period before the mail is received and during this period AdTracking is not responsible for any issues in ad campaigns.)

Basic Talking Data Tracking URL

Basic Talking Data Tracking URL should look like:

Where action - server integration mark.

import.png There is no need to fill in the click id parameter because it is hidden in the link.

click__1_.pngFind out the full list of Talking Data parameters for Tracking URL here, and the full list of Affise macros for Tracking URL here.

Basic Postback URL

Example on Basic Postback URL:

Where &clickid=@_ - unique click ID value passed via tracking URL.

click__1_.pngCheck out the full list of macros & passthrough parameters provided by Talking Data here.

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 If you have more questions on the Integration with Talking Data, feel free to contact the Talking Data Support Team at

Written by Anastasia Deryugina

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