How to import Advertisers in Affise

If you need to migrate a long list of advertisers to Affise, there is no need to do it manually one by one: for this purpose you can always use our Import tool which will save your time.

 Notice: make sure that every step of the guide is clear to you and followed respectively. Take your time. Advertisers’ import is usually used to upload a great amount of data. That’s why Affise strongly recommends you to make sure that the file is uploaded correctly: if a list of advertisers is uploaded in the wrong way,you’ll have to edit the whole list manually after all.

 Here it is a detailed guide on how to proceed with affiliates’ import:

  1. Create a .CSV file in MS Excel (comma delimited format). All the fields (including cells) should be put in a text format.
  2. Now you’re ready to fill in the file with the needed data. To upload  a list of advertisers, you'll need to create separate columns with the data you need to import, for example, a company’s name, their email, contact details, IM/Skype etc. Mind that the columns' titles should not be used. Otherwise the file will be uploaded incorrect.
  3. As a rule, you will need the following fields:
  • Email - Advertiser’s email address
  • Company - Advertiser’s company name
  • Contact person - Advertiser’s contact person name
  • IM/Skype - Advertiser’s Skype name
  • Manager - Manager’s (user’s) email
  • Password - Password for advertiser’s account
  • Site - advertiser’s site url (if there is one)
  • Country - Advertiser’s country location
  • City - Advertiser’s city location
  • Note - Any note you’d like to keep for a specific Advertiser

Also you can always update you file with the following additional fields if needed: Allowed/Disallowed IPs,Address 1/ Address 2 , Zip code,VAT code.

In the file below you can see the following fields that are most commonly used:

Email     company     contact     person     site     country     skype     manager 


  1. After you have your file updated with all the needed data, you can proceed with import: save the file as a .CSV document (comma delimited format). Go to Advertisers section and press ‘Import’ button:



Notice: you should take into account the order of import checkboxes. In this case "Email" corresponds with the 1st column in MS Excel, "Company" corresponds with the 2nd column, "Contact person" with the 3rd column, "Site" with the 4th  column and "Country" corresponds with the 5th column respectively etc.

That’s why you can move items by specifying the desired order of sorting fields to import if click on the field. Not checked items are ignored.


Advertiser’s import can take some time if it involves a great amount of data. Just take your time and let the import proceed.

You can always check your user activity logs to make sure that the import was successful.


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