My Affiliate does not see Offers via API.

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General Info

First of all, to get started with API, you need to find your API-key. To do it, just navigate to 'Users' Tab - > 'Users management' -> 'User edit page'. 

 import.png Only the General manager has permission to get the 'User edit page'. 


Next thing you need is API URL, you can find it in 'Settings' Tab -> 'Settings' -> 'Tracking domains' -> 'URLs' section.


click__1_.pngFind out more about where you can find your/Affiliate's API-key and API URL here

API Request Structure: GET/POST + api domain + path + ? + api-key=189471975956279174174.

It should be noted that header content-type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded is used on an ongoing basis, and content-type - multipart/form-data is used for uploading files (logo, creative files). 

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