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What is Hold in Affise

'Hold' is one of the conversion statuses, which means that a payment decision is put 'on hold' and will be paid for in a certain period of time. Here you can find more about all statuses of the conversion.

This option allows you to control when the conversion becomes the payable one, as you can pay for the conversion only when it has Approved status. 

How does it work

You can find Hold settings here: Offer section - Offer edit page - Postbacks tab.


To get the conversion in 'Hold' status, you need to define a certain amount of days upon passing which the conversion in Hold status will become Approved and eligible for payment. Zero is set up in each offer by default.

import.pngThere is a limit of days - 60 days maximum.

In Affise system all the statuses have system values:

  • 1 for Approved status
  • 2 for Pending status
  • 3 for Declined status
  • 5 for Hold status

There is no need to pass &status=5 via postback - if the hold period is defined in the offer, the conversion will automatically be registered as 'Hold'.

When the conversion is registered, you will see it in Statistics - Conversion slice


The date there means the day when the conversion will be approved automatically.

Affise system turns all Hold conversions into Approved ones three times in a day:

  • at 00.00 (UTC + 00.00)
  • at 08.00 (UTC + 00.00)
  • at 16.00 (UTC + 00.00)

import.pngIf you pass &status=5 via postback without hold period determination in the offer - the conversion will be registered as Hold, and it will remain so until the system starts to turn all Hold conversions into Approved ones. So at 00.00 / 08.00 / 16.00 the conversion will become Approved.

import.pngIf you turn the conversion in Hold status into Approved one, it will remain with Approved status even though the Hold period has not expired. 

If the conversion has at least one reason to be registered as Declined, it will be Declined. 

Where else I can find Hold on the platform

Hold in Statistics

In the following Statistics slices you can see the slide ‘With Hold’:


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Advertisers
  • Account Managers
  • Affiliate Managers
  • Offers
  • Affiliates
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • OS
  • Goals
  • Device brands
  • Smartlinks
  • Mobile ISP
  • Connection type
  • Landing

If the slide is ON, the following columns include conversions in Hold status: 

  • Total Revenue
  • Total Payouts
  • Total Earnings.

Hold and Affiliates

On the page of Affiliates list there are the following columns



  • Balance: includes payouts for conversions that have Approved, Pending and Hold statuses.
  • Hold: includes payouts for conversions that have 'Hold' status only.
  • Payout: includes payouts for conversions that have Approved status only. Thus the sum in the column ‘Payout’ only is available to be paid to an affiliate.

Once the conversions become Approved, the numbers in all three columns will be updated respectively in an hour.

import.pngWhen the flag ‘Show only Approved conversions’ in Statistics -> Affiliate dashboard design -> General is ON, Affiliate won’t see Hold conversions on his panel. 

import.pngBilling for Affiliates does not include conversions in ‘Hold’ status. Find more information about Billings for Affiliates here.

Hold period via API

You can add Hold period to the offer via API with using of these methods:

1) For creating a new offer:

2) For editing an existent offer:

Use the parameter 'hold_period'


  1. If there any way to increase the 'Hold' time on already existing conversion? I mean that it should be approved not tomorrow, but in <number> days, for example.

By default, the offer 'Hold' period is 7 days, and there's no way to change the 'Hold' period for existing conversion.

But, you can do the following:

  • first, you need to change the conversion status from 'Hold' to 'Pending';
  • then, you need to go to the offer settings and change the 'Hold' period from 7 to 10 days, for example;
  • and finally, you should change the conversion status back from 'Pending' to 'Hold'.

As a result, the conversion 'Hold' period would be 10 days, i.e. the conversion will change its status to the 'Approved' in 10 days.


article.pngThese articles can be helpful:

Should you have any further doubts or questions on working with Hold period, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager.  

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova

Updated by Tatiana Mankevich


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