CPAPI Synchronization Process

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The main goal of CPAPI as a tool is to take offers from Advertiser API feed and to bring them to your account in Affise with settings you’ve chosen. As any other tool CPAPI has certain general rules of its working as well as some peculiarities you might want to know about.

CPAPI general synchronization process

The general scheme of CPAPI working is:

  1. Advertiser approves offers for you as a publisher on his side -> 
  2. Offers become visible in the API call to the Advertiser -> 
  3. CPAPI makes a call to the Advertiser (his Demand source) -> 
  4. CPAPI takes all available offers and saves them in CPAPI -> 
  5. CPAPI applies all settings from Campaign to all valid offers -> 
  6. CPAPI pulls all adjusted offers to Affise.

CPAPI makes an API call to the Demand source every 40-50 minutes. It means new offers and changes from Advertiser get to CPAPI every 40-50 minutes. 

CPAPI needs up to 20 minutes to deliver new offers/changes in old offers from CPAPI to Affise.

The coherence of the synchronization process and offer status in Affise

Let’s suppose there is already some offer in Affise, pulled via CPAPI before. The following things might be relevant:

  1. The offer was disabled manually/via API/plugins in Affise: it will never participate in the sync process in the future. It becomes invisible to CPAPI. If you want to continue working with this offer, you need to create another Campaign for it. import.pngIf Disabled status was forced via CPAPI, the offer would continue participating in the sync process.
  2. The offer schedule is used: if CPAPI tries to pull the status which differs from this one set up by the offer schedule option, it will be changed by CPAPI settings. The offer schedule work will be interrupted. Check this guide in order to know more about Offer schedule option.
  3. The offer was deleted manually/via API in Affise: it will never participate in sync process in the future. If you want to continue working with this offer, you need to create another Campaign for it.
  4. The offer was pulled to Affise via CPAPI, but after a while, the Advertiser took it out of his feed: it will be paused in Affise in 2 hours.
  5. The campaign was disabled/deleted: offers relevant to this Campaign will remain in the same status they had before the Campaign was disabled/deleted.
  6. The source was deleted: offers from the source will be paused in Affise in 2 hours.


1) I’ve disabled the offer in Affise manually, but I want it to participate in the synchronization process in the future. 

If you want to continue working with this offer, you need to create another Campaign for it

2) I want to take one specific offer out of sync process, but the relevant Campaign is for the whole source. How to do that?

Firstly duplicate this offer in Affise via the 'Duplicate offer' button on the Offer view page: Annotation_on_2020-05-12_at_16-07-07.png

Then remove the External offer ID from the duplicate offer. Next, make the initial offer disabled.

3) I want to disable/delete the Campaign to make all relevant offers paused/disabled. How to do that?

You firstly need to set up the Offer status field as Paused or Disabled on the Campaign edit page -> Default values:


Then wait till the next sync is done and then disabled/delete the Campaign.

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If you have some questions regarding CPAPI synchronization process, please, contact the Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager. 

Written by Lizaveta Talkachova


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