How to Set Custom Domain Name in Affise

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After getting access to your platform, Affise provides you with a set of default domain names. To find them visit 'Settings' section -> 'Tracking Domains' tab on your Affise admin panel.


How to add/change custom domains

You have an option to add/change custom domains for Admin URL, Affiliate network URL, and Tracking URL:


import.pngRight now we support the following samples of the default Admin domain, which is used in Affise Postback URL:


import.png If you decide to change/add your custom domains, note to use third-level domains only (example:

Your new custom domain should be an alias to our default one. To set up it correctly you should set a CNAME record to your new domain.

import.pngAll steps described above, you may set up on the DNS-server on your hosting provider side. Screenshots below are just an example:


Also, you should delete all the A-records at the domain settings and leave the CNAME only:

Domainsetup2.pngHere you see:

  • the domain, which is mapped to the IP address.
  • your custom domain for the Admin panel you would like to use. You need to acquire it on your own.
  • your custom domain for the Partner panel you would like to use. You need to acquire it on your own.
  • the default Affise domain for the Admin panel, where your custom domain should be pointed to.
  • the default Affise domain for the Partner panel, where your custom domain should be pointed to.

There is information about what is A-record and CNAME-record.

Once done, contact to complete the custom domain setup.

import.png  Please, inform us beforehand, if you make changes at Cloudflare.

 Custom tracking domain setup

There are two ways how to install custom tracking domain depending on HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

HTTP custom tracking domain setup

  1. If you want to add and use your custom tracking domain in addition to our default one (, make sure you've completed all steps above.
  2. After that, you'll have to add your custom tracking domain to the tracking domains list under 'Settings' section  - > 'Tracking Domains' tab as shown below:


import.png Don't insert your default tracking domain ( or to this table. Otherwise neither the default tracking domain nor custom tracking domains, which are in operation already, won't work at all. 

Make sure you’ve met the following requirements:

  1. Your custom domain must have 3 levels or more ( - 3 levels, - 2 levels)
  2. Your custom domain must be pointed to the default one. See our article to find out how to check it.
  3. There should be ‘Yes’ in HTTP column and ‘No’ in HTTPS column:


Once you’re done with all the steps, please, refer to our Technical Support team via in order to complete the process. Provide the custom domain itself and specify, that it is a tracking domain.

HTTPS custom tracking domain setup

1. Proceed steps No. 1-2 described above in the previous section (HTTP custom tracking domain setup).

2.  Click ‘Yes’ as it is shown below:dom2.png


3. Prepare all the documents needed to implement HTTPS domain. Find the list in "HTTPS connection setup" section.

Once done, contact to complete a custom tracking domain setup.

Making custom tracking domain as a default

If you want to use your custom domain as a default one, kindly tick there:


Once you make the custom domain as the default one by ticking this flag, an additional button 'Clear default domain' will appear and you will see which domain is the default one right now. Once you click on the above mentioned button, the default domain will be reset:


HTTPS connection setup

You have an option to turn on/off HTTPS-connection optionally in the Settings:


Affise supports HTTPS connection for all 3rd level default domain names: Admin URL, Affiliate network URL, Tracking site URL, Impressions domain, and Api URL. 

import.png All the accounts have an option to use a new default Admin panel URL with a secure HTTPS connection: Kindly notice, both http:// and https:// versions of Admin panel URLs are working now. We support the old sample of the Admin panel URL only till the end of the 2020 year!!!

To set up a secured connection for your custom domain name note to:

  1. Receive SSL-certificate (.crt), Private Key (.key), bundle (.crt) for the domain name from the hosting side. 
  2. Ensure the files above march the domain name in the request. If you doubt whether the Private Key and SSL-certificate match the domain name you'd like to set, kindly contact your hosting provider for details.
  3. Contact to complete certificate implementation for your custom domain name. Please, let the support team know:
    - your custom domain name vs. Affise domain name it is an alias for;
    - provide support team with SSL-certificate (.crt), Private Key (.key), bundle (.crt) for the domain name in request.

import.png Kindly note that Affise strongly recommends using trusted domain hosting services such as Verisign, DigiCert, Comodo, Godaddy, etc. We do not recommend using Free SSL certificates services such as Let's Encrypt, which can issue and result in browser warnings. Please, remember, that untrusted certificates setup may potentially cause traffic losses.

If you've faced with several options of the Software existing when trying to get certificate and key, choose one of the following options:

  • Apache
  • Nginx


Q.: I set a custom domain with ssl some time ago, but now I want to renew the certificate with CloudFlare. Once this is done, do any further actions must be performed from Affise side or not?

A.: No additional actions are required. Update the certificate, everything will work.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on custom domains setup, feel free to contact our support team via operating 24/7 for your convenience.

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