Targeting synchronization in CPAPI

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There are 2 types of synchronization:

  1. Affise <> Affise synchronization (so-called "Clone")
  2. Non-Affise source type <> Affise synchronization

What changes will be on the new release?

"Enable Geo Restrictions" checkbox and Sync rules will be depreciated starting from 09.04.2020. All targeting rules for Affise <> Affise synchronization will not change, which is not the case of targeting rules for Non-Affise source type <> Affise synchronization (in this case, the changes will be for the better).

All you have to do now is just to set the Sync rule value: First Sync, Always, or Disable. If you don't want to receive targeting, choose the Disabled Sync rule value.


The new logic for the non-Affise source type <> Affise synchronization will be the following: 

As the APIs of non-Affise sources are different, the API response parameters may also be different, so we will synchronize the targeting restrictions according to 3 scenarios, which depend on the API source structure:

  • if there is no targeting group in the API source offer, the countries will be taken from all offer payments and will be displayed in the first general targeting group in Affise;
  • if there is any targeting group in the API source offer with any country (including All countries), in that case, not only country but also OS and Device data will be taken and will be put into your Affise offer in targeting group;
  • if there is no any country in targeting group in the API source offer, but there is OS and Device data, in that case, we take the country from the payments and put all these data into your Affise offer in targeting group.

Sync rules are used to manage synchronization frequency for specific offer fields in Affise, in our case, Sync rule is used to manage synchronization frequency for Geo Restrictions, so,

  • if the "Traffic Targeting" in the Campaigns tab -> Sync rules is "First Sync" - the relevant field will be pulled to Affise offer the first time it appears in the source API response, synchronized with CPAPI and is pulled to your Affise account. Despite all changes done to your Affise offer we won't update targeting anymore;
  • if the "Traffic Targeting" in the Campaigns tab -> Sync rules is "Always" - the relevant field will be updated in Affise offer each time synchronization occurs;
  • if the "Traffic Targeting" in the Campaigns tab -> Sync rules is "Disabled" -  the relevant field will never be pulled or updated in Affise offer each time synchronization occurs, because the synchronization frequency is disabled.

By default, Sync rule is set to "Always".

With our new release, we simplify targeting synchronization and expand its capabilities for the non-Affise source type. There is a Sync rule so-called “Traffic Targeting” for all traffic sources.

We highly recommend you to read our guide on Sync Rules Working to find more information about that.

import.pngWhen Affise <> Affise integration we don't pull:

1) Additional URL 


2) Click-level Anti-fraud flag: 


3) Sub-section:


If you have some questions regarding Sync rules work please, contact the Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager. 

Written by Tatiana Mankevich

Updated by Lizaveta Talkachova


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