Power of Statistics: features and hints

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable

-Mark Twain

We are happy to introduce our marvellous and an even more flexible Statistics section! In this article, our Customer Success team wants to show you some features on how you can optimize it to your day-to-day work.

Here are top useful features of the new statistics that you will benefit of!

1. How to order/hide columns in your everyday work
As you know Affise perfectly fits many verticals such as CPA networks, Gambling, Gaming, E-commerce e.t.c.
So it may be that you don’t need column slices in your everyday work, that’s why you can hide unwanted columns or sort it for your needs. Check only important data for your business.


2. Customize default columns
There are at least 3 different namings for “revenue” or “profit” metric. It differs based on region or vertical. As a market standard we use a default naming, but why to miss the chance to name the columns as you are used to.
Hide the existing column and create a new one with the help of the Calculator widget. Not only you can rename it but also create a column based on the very specific formula.
Customize statistic sections fully for your convenience.


3. Drilldown reports
We know that you were waiting for this feature!  We have released an amazing visualization of multiple data grouped for a better understanding and analysis. This report breaks down the statistics in accordance with various additional parameters. Choose entity to group statistics and enjoy drilldown at its full.



How about some practical advices of using new statistics features from our Customer Success team.

1. Approved vs All conversions percentage
Extremely useful for Nutra and Finance verticals. Right now you can count percents of approved conversions, all you need to do is
a. Click on a new column
b. Select approved conversions / total conversions.
This will help you to analyze the rate of successful purchases.



2. Trafficback VS All the clicks
As an indicator of a relevant traffic you can also use trafficback vs all the clicks count
This column may help you as an additional analytical instrument. Just as a reminder, trafficback shows clicks that are out of targeting, been sent from non-approved partners, or which are sent to disabled offers.


3. Hosts VS All the clicks
Want to check how unique is the traffic from the source and what is the rate of clicks duplicates?
Create hosts vs clicks column.
Definitely useful analytical instrument in addition to basic traffic fraud checking.




4. Average Revenue Per User
Cool news for our Gambling partners.
Right now you can create a column for one of the most important Gambling business KPI’s: ARPU. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) indicates the average revenue brought in by the users to the business.


5. CTR
Tracking impressions? Of course, you need a CTR metric
CTR is the ratio of users who click on an ad to the number of total users who view a page.
The purpose of click-through rates is to measure the ratio of clicks to impressions of marketing campaigns. Generally the higher the CTR the more effective the marketing campaign and creative has been at bringing people to a website.



6. How to count potential revenue? 
With a help of this option you will be able to check maximum profits that each conversion has the potential to bring to your business. Such index will let you keep an eye on all financial streams of your business. You just need to sum all the revenue types in a new column.



We collect these hints with love for your convenience, hope that with new opportunities your business will be profitable as never before. Now you have an extensive list of Statistics features and possibilities. Use them, discover others formulas or parameters and share with your colleagues and us :)
If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach your personal Customer Success Manager!


Stay Affised ;)

Author: Alexey Semennik
Onboarding Guru

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