How you can get your data via API?

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General Info

First of all, to get started with API, you need to find your API-key. To do it, navigate to the 'Profile' Tab -> 'Security'


Next thing you need - API URL. Just request your manager to share with you API URL. 

click__1_.png  Keep in mind that the 'Toolbox' section leads to API Doc. Find API v.3.1. Doc here.

API Request Structure: GET/POST + api domain + path + ? + api-key=189471975956279174174.

It should be noted that header content-type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded is used on an ongoing basis.

[GET] Get partner own data

To get your data via API, you need to navigate to the 'Affiliate methods' section in API Doc and choose the 'Get partner own data' method (follow the link):


Example on how to get your data via API:

The response will look like: 


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 If you have more questions on How to get your data, feel free to contact your Affiliate manager via the Tickets in the Support section.

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