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API General info

chart.png In the Affise API, only three data types are used: 

  • Int - used only for integer values, such as offer ID, affiliate ID, etc. 
  • String - includes integer values, letters, and characters: country code, cap type, payment type, etc. 
  • Array - used with multiple values: affiliates in caps, goals in caps, etc. 

data-mining.png In the Affise API, only two methods are used: GET, POST.

api.png To start working with API, you may use any of the free API-development tools such as Postman, Insomnia, Advanced REST client, etc.

How to find your API-key?

For data exchange authentication, users API-key passed as a parameter in the header should be used. As the key, a hash is generated for your site. User can find API key in the 'Users' Tab - > 'Users management' -> 'User edit page'


 import.png Only the General manager has permission to get the "User edit page". 

How to find Affiliate's API-key?

How to find your API URL?

Next thing you need - API URL. You can find it in the 'Settings' Tab -> 'Settings' -> 'Tracking domains' -> 'URLs' section: 


click__1_.png  Keep in mind that your API URL leads to API Doc. Find API v.3.1. Doc here.

Who has permissions to get API-key?

There are three types of users in Affise:

  • General manager - a user with admin rights to the panel 
  • Affiliate manager - a user who is responsible for the work with Affiliates
  • Account manager - a user who is responsible for the work with Advertisers

Different types of users have different permissions and modes of access to platform sections. 

import.pngThe User with General manager role has access to all sections and has permission to get the API-key of any User and any Affiliate. 

click__1_.png Find out more about the Users section here.

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If you have more questions on the API Integration, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

 Written by Anastasia Deryugina 

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