Clicks Discrepancy with Affiliate: What Can I Check?

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Once you have set Integration with your Affiliate, you may come across clicks discrepancy, which can happen within a specific Offer/Offers. 

detective.jpgIn this case, all you need to do is to follow the steps below to find out whether it's a real discrepancy or not:

1. Check the Timeframe you're correlating the number of clicks with your Affiliate. Make sure it's the same on both ends.

2. Check the Timezone. Make sure it's the same on both ends. If you're working with your Affiliate in different timezones, you can easily check statistics on your end in a specific timezone just switching it in the related filter:


3. Make sure that you have the whole chain of the redirections, starting with the Affiliate’s tracking URL up to Affise tracking URL. You can check how redirections work in any open source, for example, the Affilitest tool.


import.png Affise Tracking URL should be in the first instance after the Affiliate's Tracking URL. There should not be any additional redirections between Affiliate's Tracking URL or Affise Tracking URL and no redirections at all.

4. Make sure that the offer's redirect type is 'HTTP 302 redirect'. Note that redirection types but HTTP 302 redirect may cause data discrepancy. You may check redirect type in 'Offers' Tab -> 'Offer edit page' -> 'Tracking' - > 'Redirect Type':


import.pngAll redirect types but for '302 general' can cause clicks discrepancy since redirection flow can be blocked/banned on browser/firewall/antivirus, etc. level from the user's side. 

5. Ensure that traffic restrictions are the same on Affise and Affiliate’s side (GEO, OS, sub-accounts, etc.). For example, the offer's settings on the Affiliate's side have no GEO restrictions, while on the Affise side, the only GEO which is allowed for the same offer is the USA. Thus, Affise client will see fewer clicks (only from the USA) due to the different targeting restrictions, the rest of the clicks will go to Trafficback URL.

6. Make sure the Affiliate's tracking URL and Affise tracking link have the same protocol (HTTP/HTTPS).

7. If all the steps above do not raise any concern to you, request a click log from your Affiliate to correlate the data on both ends. A received click log should contain the following data: date/time/TZ, clickid on the affiliate’s side - passed to Affise via a sub-parameter or any other Affise parameter, UA, GEO/IP, etc. Share this click log with Affise Technical Support Specialist. Based on a received click log, the Affise Technical Support Specialist will be able to state whether data discrepancy takes place in your case or not. 

Note that clicks discrepancy can also be caused by:

  • plugins (on the user side) that block links, e.g. Adblock
  • by the fact that the user closes the link during the redirect

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If you feel like there are some questions left upon the Clicks Discrepancy with Affiliate, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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