Affiliate statuses and their peculiarities

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topic.pngThe article covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Not active
  • Active
  • Banned
  • On moderation
  • API and Affiliate statuses


Affiliate statuses restrict access to offers or the functionality of the affiliate panel or, conversely, allow the affiliate to get more permissions to work with offers and affiliate panel.

Affise client may change affiliate’s status on the Affiliate’s edit page: Affiliates-> Affiliate management-> Edit affiliate


Affise provides 4 affiliate statuses:

  • Not active - marked in yellow in the admin panel.


  • Active - marked in white in the admin panel.


  • Banned - marked in red in the admin panel.


  • On moderation - marked in grey in the admin panel.


import.pngIn User activity logs section statuses are logged by status names:


It is possible to change affiliate’s status in bulk:


Every time you change affiliate’s status either via UI or via API, the relevant notification is sent to him.

API method is:
POST /3.0/admin/partners/mass-update

Not active

Not active - this status can be used when you create a new affiliate or want to deactivate him for a while. 

When your new "Not active" affiliate wants to sign in to the affiliate panel, he will receive this message:


If you want to view the "Not active" affiliate's partner panel through the admin panel, you will not be able to sing in. 



Active - means that affiliate can be enabled for the offers; you can view statistics for this affiliate and create billing for him.

Active affiliate will have access to all sections in the affiliate panel. 


  Dashboard Offers Tracking URL API Billing Statistics News Tickets
Affiliate panel Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  Yes   Yes  

import.png Where the Affiliate panel: Affiliate sees the data while logging in via the Affiliate panel.


Bannedused to block affiliate due to a specific reason, i.e., the one with a bad reputation or low-quality traffic.

When your "Banned" affiliate wants to sign in to affiliate panel, he/she will see this message: 


If you want to view the "Banned" affiliate's partner panel through the admin panel, you will not be able to sing in. 

On moderation

On moderation - means that the affiliate is waiting for verification and active status. This status is used if you want to additionally take time to check the information on this particular affiliate, but do not give him access to the affiliate panel at once. 

When your "On moderation" affiliate wants to sign in to affiliate panel, he/she will see this message: 


To grant access to the Affiliate Panel, this Affiliate should be set with 'Active' status.

API and Affiliate statuses 

  • Active Affiliate able to make requests, he will receive responses with 'status:1' and specific information:

  •  Banned Affiliate is not able to get access to any data, in case of any attempt of a specific API request, he/she will receive API response with the 'status:2':


On moderation

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 If you have more questions on the Affiliate statuses and their peculiarities, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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