How to Set the CPS (RevShare) or the RPS/CPA Type of Payment

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What is the CPS (Revshare) Model?

CPS (percent type of payment, revenue sharing, revshare) - is a model of an affiliate program where an Affiliate receives a certain percent of the generated revenue. For example, partners attract players to online casinos and obtain a percentage of their losses. 

How to set up CPS in Affise? 

The CPS type of payment can be easily set up in the offer's settings: Offers->Edit offer-> Payouts Tab:


To set up the CPS type of payment, follow the steps:

1) Set 'Total' and 'Payouts' fields where:

Total - a percent paid by Advertiser to Affise client for one conversion. As a rule,  it should be set as 100 (meaning 100 % of the sum sent by the Advertiser)

Payouts - a percent paid by Affise client to Affiliate for one conversion

import.png In 'Total' and 'Payouts' fields, only digits should be used, do not use % sign

2) Set the CPS type of payment:


3) Update your Affise Postback URL on Advertiser's side in the following way by adding &sum= parameter: 


Affise postback template can be found in the Offer’s settings - > Postbacks - > ‘Integration pixels’ - > ‘S2S’ (Postbacks), or in ‘Advertisers’ section - > ‘Edit Advertiser’ - > ‘S2S’ (Postback). 

Once &sum= parameter is added to your Affise Postback URL, you'll be able to receive conversion's payout from your Advertiser.  

You may always check the sum which is passed to you by your Advertiser (or not passed) in your Server Postbacks:

a) Statistics - > Server Postbacks - > 'Postback parameters':


b) Statistics - > Conversions - > 'Afprice':


As a result you will see the 'determined' amount of money in 'Payouts' and 'Revenue' column in Conversions slice.

import.png If the CPA (fixed) type of payment is set up, the system will ignore the sum of money in Afprice column.

Check this article to know more about Afprice in Affise.

What is the RPS/CPA type of payment and how to set it up in Affise?

The RPS/CPA (mixed) type of payment allows you to use the CPS (percent) model for the cost the Advertiser pays you for the conversion and CPA (fixed) model for the cost you pay to your affiliate for the conversion.


In this case the value in 'Total' field is calculated from Afprice value like in the classic CPS model. But the value in 'Payouts' field is fixed - it is pure, fixed amount of money. 

In case of the RPS/CPA type the affiliate will see fixed value of money in his partner panel.

If the advertiser sent you '0' in &sum= parameter, then both columns 'Revenue' & 'Payouts' will contain '0' as well.

import.png 'Hide payments' option doesn't work for the RPS/CPA type of payment. 

Check this article to know more about Afprice in Affise.

Example of usage (the CPS type of payment)

Imagine the case when your Advertiser pays a certain percentage of the revenue generated on his/her side and 50% of the sum you're going to pay to your Affiliate.

Every time your Advertiser passes you a different sum via &sum= parameter. For example, Advertiser passes to you 8 EUR for a conversion. 


seo.png  If &sum=8 (conversion payout from the advertiser), where Total (8 EUR)=100% and Payouts=50%, you will receive the full amount of the sum (8 EUR), and your affiliate will receive only a 50 % (4 EUR) based on your settings. Using the simplest mathematical proportion, you can calculate the payout percentage for your affiliate:

100% = 8 EUR

50% = x

100%/50% = 8 EUR/x

x = 8 EUR/2

x = 4 EUR

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 If you have more questions on How to set the CPS or RPS/CPA type of payment, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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