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User Activity log section is created for checking the logs for different user actions that have been performed within your Affise Admin panel. Therefore you will have a possibility to check who has done some particular changes on your platform, when and what has been changed. 

For example, you can check how successful the data import process was, whether it was successful or not. You can easily undo this action using the rollback option or if one of your users has updated the status of conversions by mistake.

User Activity log section overview

You can find 'User activity log' section right in your Admin panel -> 'User' section -> 'User activity log':


Users section includes three sub-sections:

  • User Management

On the User Management page, you can create and edit accounts for managers that work with your Affise Admin panel. 

  • User  Activity log

On the User Activity log page, you can check the logs for different user actions that have been done within your Affise Admin panel.  In the User Activity log, you can group data according to date, user, offer, type, and object ID.

  • Permissions Presets

On the User Presets page, you can create, edit, and delete presets that are used in the user's account creation process. 

import.pngOnly the General manager has access to this section.

click__1_.pngFind out more about How to Create New User here, and How to Grant Specific Permissions to the General Manager here, to the Affiliate Manager here and to the Account Manager here.

User Activity log section usage

Below you’ll find a description of the User Activity logs section and how it can be used.

Filter fields

You can group logs with the help of the next filters:


  1. Timeframe - choose the time range you'd like to check the logs for.
  2. Users - select one or more users you’d like to check the logs of.
  3. Offers - select one or more offers you’d like to check the logs for.
  4. Type - select one or more types of user’s activity: (Offer edit, Offer new, User login, User logout, Conversion edit, Conversion rollback, Settings edit, etc.).

More types of user activity you can find in the drop-down menu of the related filter.

import.pngIf you do not select any particular user, offer, or type, the logs will be displayed for all users, offers, and types.

  1. Object ID - use Object ID to depict logs for certain Affise Objects using Affise internal ID.
  2. Pagination - put down the amount of fields you’d like to see on one page (by default = 50; max = 500).
  3. View button.

Logs table

Here you can find a table with users logs.


The table consists of 7 columns:

  1. User - email of a user who has acted.
  2. Type - a type of user’s action.
  3. Changed object - the object on which the action was performed.
  4. Details - under 'details', you can check the status of the action taken, view the changes, or see the error details.


  1. Note - here you can check some additional info about the actions or the user agent. 
  2. Date  - displays the date and time in the timezone you selected in the global settings.
  3. Actions  - rollback is available for some particular types of action.

If you performed any activity via API, the following comment will appear in the 'Note' column:


If some changes were made via CPAPI, the following comment will occur in the 'Note' column:


Examples of usage

Case 1. Conversions import

Imagine you have imported conversions and would like to know how successful the import was. This info can be easily checked in the User activity log section.

Case 2. The rollback option

The rollback option   is intended to remove certain actions. For example, you changed conversion’s status by mistake, and this action logged; you have the opportunity to rollback this action. 

When you click on rollback button   you will see this message:

Case 3. Status & privacy level logging

If you want to change offer’s status or privacy level, you should remember that in User activity log section statuses are logged with the following values:

  • 0 - disabled
  • 1- active
  • 2 - paused

The Privacy level is logged with the following values:

  • 0 -  public
  • 1 - pre-moderation
  • 2 - private

You can check the changes in the Details column: 

Where "Old value" is the value before the changes, and "New value" is the changed value.

Case 4. Billing<->User activity log

import.pngWhen you create a new billing (payment) for an affiliate, this action will be logged with the affiliate ID under the ‘Changed object” column, but when you want to change anything in the already created payment, ‘Change object’ will be depicted with Payment ID.

Affiliate payment statuses are logged with the following values:

  • 1 - waiting
  • 2 - completed
  • 3 - partly paid
  • 4 - pending
  • -1 - declined

Case 5. The logging date

Quite often, users come across the following question: how to decrypt the logging date?

At Affise we use a timestamp to encode the date and time:


To easily understand what date is specified in the logs, we recommend using extensions for your browser, such as TimelyThis extension converts Unix timestamps to human-readable times:

Case 6. Partner postbacks logging

When you change something in the affiliate postback, two records will appear in the User activity log section: partner edit, postback edit, with partner ID, and postback ID, respectively. This is because you’ve changed the partner's postback on the partner's edit page. Thus you’ve changed Affiliate’s settings also. You can check the changes in the affiliate postback by object id.

 Partners postback statuses are logged with the following values:

  • 0 - any
  • 1 - approved
  • 2 - pending
  • 3 - declined
  • 4 - not found
  • 5 - hold
  • 101 - by creating 

Case 7. Conversions logging

import.png  Conversion ID in the User activity log section is not action_id you’re usually receiving from your Advertiser. This is the internal conversion ID in the Affise system. You can observe such an identifier on the Conversion info page (Statistics -> Conversions -> ID -> Conversion info).


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If you have more questions on User activity log sections, feel free to contact Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina


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