Parallel tracking for affiliates

Parallel tracking is an alternative to common tracking which is, according to Google, is aimed to speed the load time. Google Ads claims all third-party services are to be compatible with parallel tracking. This is the guide on how Affise handles parallel tracking.

Alert: In order to handle parallel tracking both affiliate and advertiser are to be compatible with parallel tracking on their sides.

S2S parallel integration measures:

There's the requirement of adding {gclid} parameter to affiliate’s tracking URL in order to track unique click identifier from Google ads. In order to track and collect {gclid} in Affise, affiliate’s tracking URL has to be set this way:


https://tracking_domain is your tracking domain
‘pid’, ‘offer_id’ - relevant params for affiliate id and offer id in Affise
ref_id - is Affise param to track and record Google ads click identifier

Affise provides you an opportunity to auto-generate Adwords tracking URL for the convenience. The option above is available in partner’s panel > Offer > Tracking link section:


Once {gclid} is tracked via affiliate’s tracking URL and is recorded in Affise as ‘ref_id’, parallel tracking integration succeeds. 

Pixel parallel integration measures:

Pixel integration assumes common image, js or iframe integration when pixel is supposed to be set on advertiser’s Success page. Affise will do the needful in order to track {gclid}, no specific actions are required while pixel integration.

Should you have any further questions or queries on parallel tracking in Affise - feel free to contact you manager or visit direct Google Ads FAQ page for additional info.

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