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The 'Commission Tiers' feature can be enabled for you upon submitting a request to your Dedicated Account Manager.

What is the 'Commission Tiers' feature?

Affiliate networks/advertisers pay affiliates bonuses to encourage their progress and gain their loyalty. The rewards are usually based on the revenue/amount of conversions/new users. Affise clients run contests with special offers for their affiliates, increasing their payout when they reach a particular number of conversions or a certain amount of revenue.

The 'Commission Tiers' is a special tool that can help you make a manual process of calculating income and the relevant bonus per affiliate automated

Who needs this feature?

  • Big Brands
  • Big Agencies
  • Gambling industry
  • Fintech industry, etc.

How to set up the 'Commission Tiers' feature?

Affise’s 'Commission Tiers' can be easily set up and found in the offer's settings under a related tab 'Commission Tiers':

CommissT.pngSince the 'Commission Tiers' is functionality to increase payout if the revenue or the amount of conversions reaches the number defined by you, you need to set up a specific rule, a condition under which bonuses will be applied to the affiliates.

CommTiers.gifThe following fields should be filled in the rule:

First Line

Type: conversions/payouts a dimension to be counted by the system for the rule to be triggered. If you'd like to trigger the rule when a certain amount of conversions is reached - choose 'conversions'. If you'd like to trigger the rule when a certain payout amount is reached by the Affiliate(-s) - choose 'payouts'.

import.png 'Conversion' type counts all the statuses of the received conversions, except for declined conversions with 'payment not found' comment. 'Payouts' type is counted by conversions' payouts to the affiliates.

Goals - the rule can count all conversions for all goals or conversions on a particular goal. Start typing goal value to select a particular goal value. All the goals are taken from the offer's payouts. 

Affiliates - the rule can be applied to all affiliates (separately) or a particular affiliate. Start typing Affiliate ID.

Countriesthe rule can be applied to all countries or to certain countries. Start typing the name of the country.

Second Line

Value - a threshold (a number of conversions/amount of money).

Timeframe - the rule will count conversions/budget over a period of time: day, week, month, all time. For instance, if you choose timeframe 'month', the counter of conversions will be zeroed on the last day of the month at 11:59 p.m.

Level - the type of payment that will be changed according to the rule: payouts, total revenue, total revenue & payouts. 

Goals - the system can increase the payouts of all conversions or conversions on particular goals.

Third Line

Status - the option allows us to set up conversions' statuses. It works for all timeframes and types (conversions or payouts). The option can be helpful if you don't want to encourage affiliates if they have declined conversions, for example. 

Modified by (fix/%)/Changed to (fix/%) - the payout can be modified by fix, modified by percent, changed to fix, changed to percent. Ex.: If your default payout equals 1 $, once the 'Commission Tier' should be:

  • modified by fix '2' -> conversion's payout will be updated to 3 $ (default 1 $ + bonus of 2 $)
  • modified by % '40' -> conversion's payout will be changed to 1,4 $ (default 1 $ + 0,4, because 0,4 is 40% of 1$)
  • changed to fix '2' -> conversion's payout will be changed to 2 $
  • changed to % '40' -> conversion's payout will be updated to 0,4 $ (default 1 $ x 0,4, because 0,4 is 40% of 1$)

Value - a number that can be added to the default payout or can replace the default payout set at the current moment.

import.png After creating a new rule, some fields will be locked for editing to prevent a counter reset. Deleting a rule will reset the counter.

Conversions with bonuses will have the relevant comment:


import.png The default offer's payouts settings won't be changed once bonuses are applied. Payouts' will be updated only on a conversion level.

Examples of configurations: 

Example No.1: 


The advertiser is going to run a contest and announce a special offer:

The default payout for registration on his website is $1.

After reaching 20 registrations (from each affiliate), the payout will be changed to $1.5.

After reaching 50 registrations (from each affiliate), the payout will be changed to $3.

After reaching 100 registrations (from each affiliate), the payout will be changed to $4.

Example No.2:


There is one personal rule for a particular affiliate and one general rule for all affiliates.

After the affiliate No. 2 reached 1 conversion with the 'registration' goal value, all further conversions with this particular goal will be changed to 25 according to the first rule. 

After the affiliate No. 2 reached 4 conversions with any goals, all further conversions with other goals except 'registration' will be changed to 75 according to the second rule. 

All other affiliates meet the second rule only.

In conclusion: the rule for a particular affiliate has a priority in frames of the goal set up in this rule.

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If you have more questions on the 'Commission Tiers' feature, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via support@affise.comIf you'd like to start using the 'Commission Tiers' feature, feel free to contact your Dedicated Account Manager.

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