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Definition conversion's statuses

Conversions can be of 4 statuses in Affise:

  • 1 - Approved
  • 2 - Pending
  • 3 - Declined
  • 5 - Hold

Below you'll find a detailed guide on all the statuses:

  • Approved conversions


Conversions are marked as 'approved' approved.png once they match offer's payout completely: GEO, Device, OS, Subs, Goal value:


Check our guide about how the conversion selects the appropriate payout.

When a conversion is approved, it'll be further added to the affiliate's billing, and it can be paid for. 

  • Pending conversions


If conversions are marked as 'pending' pending.png , it means that you may need some time to review the conversions and make a decision: whether to approve them or to decline.

  • Declined conversions


If conversions are marked as 'declined' declined.png, they have declined due to a specific reason. You can find the whole list of the reasons for conversion's rejection here.

  • Hold


If a conversion is marked as 'hold' hold.png, it means that a payment decision is put 'on hold' and paid for at a certain amount of time. This time can be set and managed in the offer's settings: Postbacks - > Hold period. In the 'Hold period' field, you can set a number of days after which the conversion will be automatically approved and paid for.

How to receive a conversion only in a specific status?

A conversion can be received in a specific status if it is forcibly sent via a postback in the related parameter. 

To send a specific status forcibly via a postback, you should use parameter '&status=' for S2S integration or '&afstatus=' for Pixel Integration

All the statuses in Affise have system values:

  • 1 for Approved status
  • 2 for Pending status
  • 3 for Declined status
  • 5 for Hold status

That's why if you'd like to receive all the conversions only in 'pending' status, you should add '&status=' parameter to your Affise postback which is set on Advertiser's side and a system value (a digit) for a specific status:


By receiving such a postback, you'll forcibly get the conversions in pending (2) status.

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Should you have any further doubts or questions on Conversions statuses, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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