Adblock: What can be done when your tracking links are blocked?

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Below you can find several ways around the blockage of your Affise tracking URLs on Adblock’s side. In case you have no opportunity to turn off Adblock extension in your browser, you can follow any of the provided ways which will work for you and your campaign.

1. Change the domain you use in Affise tracking URL: if you use a tracking URL with a default tracking domain, it can be updated to your custom tracking domain in the following way:



import.png Custom domains implementation should be done according to Affise technical procedure.

click__1_.pngFind out more about custom domain implementation here.

2. Replace the parameters 'pid' and 'offer_id' in a tracking URL you use:



3. Use shortlinks. You can update your tracking URL into a shortlink. You can find special tools to make shortlinks on the Net. 


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Should you have any further doubts or questions on this matter, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via, operating 24/7 for your convenience.

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