Affise <-> AdGyde Integration


Affise <-> AdGyde integration

To be integrated with AdGyde service, please fill in the Partner Integration form  for onboarding via this link: 

AdGyde’s team will complete the onboarding process based on the information provided.

If you currently have an integration with AdGyde,contact their team at

Basic tracking link should look like:{campaignid}&p={partnerid}&clickid={clickid}&pub={pid}




Unique click ID value



Publisher running the campaign

*No need to fill in campaignid and partnerid that would be substituted directly by AdGyde team.

Global Install Postback (Android Only){clickid}&custom_field1={androidid}




Unique click ID value passed via tracking URL



Android ID of the application

In-App Event Postback

You need to set up a goal for the additional in-app events. You can find more details on goals set up in Affise here

Event Postback URL basic view:{clickid}&goal={eventid}&custom_field1={androidid}




Unique click ID value passed via a tracking URL



Custom Value of the event saved when attaching the event to the campaign



Android ID of the application

Where &goal={eventid} is the goal you need to create in Affise system and put it into Goal_value field in the offer settings.


Notice: goal_value=1 in Affise system Always refers to the install. If the goal is not specified in the postback, the conversion will have goal value ‘1’ by default.

Goal Value would refer to AdGyde side:

1) Create a new Event in personal account AdGyde. Go to Setup -> Events and click button +Create an event

2) Select your Application from the list. 

3) Fill in your ID (should be the same as how Goal value)

4) Select the field Type - Simple Event

5) Click button Create


More about Event integration you can in the primary AdGyde documentation here or contact with their support team by email

Please feel free to contact Affise Support Team via or your dedicated Customer Success Manager, if you have any additional questions left.

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