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 Content section lets you control other important functionality, such as the following:

  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Goals
  • Currencies 
  • Payment systems
  • Email templates 
  • Traffic sources




Static pages are displayed in the Affiliates' panel footer. They can be filled in with additional information for affiliates as well as with links to external resources, for example, the affiliate network forum or tracker integration FAQs.

 You can add Static Pages List here. 


You can name, save and delete category, and also change its position in the footer.


In the Pages section you can also choose which type of content should be there:  Content or  Link. If you choose a Link, then you can use Edit button to add the URL.




Categories can be used to simplify a search process for affiliates in a Categories List


You can name and rename a category.




On Goals page you can enter standard names for offer goals so that your affiliates could use them.

To add a new Goal use Add button.


You will see Add Goal page where you can name new Goal.


You can edit existing Goal by clicking on Edit button.




Currencies section allows you to use and set different currencies for offers and a minimum payment for them.

If you want to set payouts and to pay affiliates in different currencies, you should navigate to Settings -> Content -> Currencies. There you can choose necessary currencies and select the default one.
As a result, you will be able to divide statistics by currencies. In order to observe all the statistics you can choose tab with a default currency.

You can turn on/off the currency you need by clicking on a turn on/off button. To assign currency as default you need to click on make default button.



Payment systems

Use this section to set custom payment methods for your affiliates.

You will see the list of Payment Systems here. To add a new payment system click on Add button.


You may set any payment system you need, select currency and fill in custom fields with additional information.



Email templates 

In this section you can edit email templates and notifications for the affiliates.

You can observe all the existing templates on Email templates page.  


You can Edit templates and Reset settings to default using those buttons respectively.


Edit Letter template page allows you to edit Subject and Body of the emails using HTML.



Traffic sources 

You can add traffic sources in order to mention them in offers settings. As a result your affiliates will be aware of what traffic source is desired for a particular offer.


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