Settings. Affiliate Dashboard Design

 Affiliate dashboard design lets you change the items that control how affiliate panel is displayed and how it functions.



In this sub-section you can set up the most important functionality of affiliate panel


  • Allow referral links - this checkbox allows you to enable/disable affiliate referral program.
  • Show afprice - show afprice value to your affiliates in statistics (conversion on affiliate's panel).
  • Referral payments (%) - the % for referral program.
  • Analytics Code - any code may be placed here to analyze activity of your affiliates
  • Hint for partner description field - you can set the message your affiliates will see while applying for offers in pre-moderation status in their partner panel.


  • Links - additional links that may be placed on the navigation menu.
  • Consider global postbacks - in case a conversion does not match local postacks by 'status' & 'goal' - check 'consider global postbacks' option and send global postback.
  • Hide caps - hide caps on affiliate's panel and API.
  • Hide CR - hide CR on affiliate's panel.
  • Hide EPC - hide EPC on affiliate's panel.
  • Use manager name at ticket comments - manager's name will be displayed near the comment on the ticket.
  • Enable captcha for register form - this checkbox will add CAPTCHA for a register form of affiliates.
  • Forbid the affiliates from changing the postback status - this checkbox forbids affiliates to change the status of conversions on which the postback will be sent.
  • Send affiliate postback for any conversion changes - an affiliate will receive a postback on any change of the conversion. 



Affise provides you an opportunity to customize fields for a signup form. You can add new fields with Add button. Also, you can Edit and Delete existing custom fields.



Registration in your Affiliate Network can be enableddisabled or pre-moderated.

  • Enabled - registration is opened for everyone without any moderation
  • Disabled - nobody can register 
  • Pre-moderation - you can allow or disallow requests for registration individually



You can correct sign-up lines and set rules on the use of specified fields upon clicking on the Edit button.


 You can choose from different field types.




This section allows you to customize design scheme for affiliates, set network logo and favicon.


You can choose templates to work with. This option is available for our clients on Enterprise or Custom plan.




You can change colors using Preview to help you.



Support information

Use this section to specify such information as manager's contact details, support email, working schedule and affiliate network social accounts. 




This sections allows you to customize Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your affiliates. If you check option "All affiliates should accept updated Terms and Conditions", after any update of its section your affiliates would not be able to log into the panel without accepting them.



Should you need any further assistance, please, contact


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