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You can adjust your platform settings by navigating to the 'Settings' section. The section is divided into 3 groups:


click__1_.pngThere are 3 articles that cover the processes of configuring settings:

Affiliate dashboard design tab lets you change the items that control how the affiliate panel is displayed and how it functions.



In this section, you can set up the most important functionality of Affiliate panel:


  • Affiliate network default language - choose the default language for Affiliate panel;
  • Available languages - choose available languages for Affiliate panel;
  • Show TOP-5 offers -  this checkbox is intended to show/hide the Top-5 offers in the Affiliate panel;
  • Allow referral links - this checkbox allows you to enable/disable the affiliate referral program;
  • Show afprice - show/hide afprice value to your Affiliates in statistics (conversion on Affiliate panel);
  • Hide tracking links - all tracking links for offers will be hidden on Affiliate panel. This option can be used for run offers only with SmartLinks and not directly per offer;
  • Referral payments (%) - the % for referral program. The % can also be set up for the certain Affiliate on the Affiliate edit page;
  • Analytics Code - any code may be placed here to analyze the activity of your Affiliates;
  • Hint for partner description field - you can set your Affiliates message while applying for offers in pre-moderation status in Affiliate panel.


  • Links - additional links that may be placed on header/footer/profile menu. It is also possible to add a link to the main menu (available for Custom plan only)


  • Consider global postbacks - in case conversion does not match local postbacks by 'status' & 'goal' - check 'consider global postbacks' option and send global postbacks. This option is also available on the Affiliate edit page;
  • Hide caps - hide caps on the affiliate's panel and API. This option is also available on Offer level (Offers section -> Offer edit page - Caps tab);
  • Hide CR - hide CR on the affiliate's panel;
  • Hide EPC - hide EPC on the affiliate's panel;

EPC formula in partner panel: EPC = payouts approved / clicks

  • Only conversions of the chosen statuses will be displayed at Affiliate panel - select statuses of conversions you want the affiliate to see in the Affiliate panel.

import.png If this flag is ON, CR in Statistics in the Affiliate panel is calculated for conversions of the selected statuses only.

  • Enable captcha for register form - this checkbox will add CAPTCHA for a register form of affiliates;
  • Hide offers - hide offers in partner interface: offer list, menu, statistics, top offers;
  • Use manager name at ticket comments - the manager's name will be displayed near the comment on the ticket;
  • Forbid the affiliates from changing the postback status - this checkbox forbids affiliates to change the status of conversions on which the postback will be sent. This option is also available on Offer level (Offers section -> Offer edit page -> Postback tab);
  • Forbid the affiliates from changing and uploading global & local postbacks - this checkbox forbids affiliates to change and upload local & global postbacks, but affiliates should see their postbacks and delete them;
  • Send affiliate postback for any conversion changes - an affiliate will receive a postback on any change of the conversion. When this flag is OFF, a new postback will be sent for conversion status change. When this flag is ON, a new postback will be sent for any conversion change (status, revenue, comment, etc.);
  • Partner Invoice Auto-generation schedule - allows replacing the manual work with invoices and reduces the risk of mistakes. Here you can set up a rule for invoices auto-generation:
    • Disabled - disable auto-generation;
    • Weekly - invoices will be generated each Monday 00:01 for the previous calendar week;
    • Bi-weekly - invoices will be generated each Monday 00:01 for the previous 2 calendar weeks;
    • Monthly - invoices will be generated 1st day of the new month at 00:01 for the previous calendar month.


The relevant comment will be added to the invoice:


click__1_.pngFind out more about Billing for Affiliates here.


Affise provides you an opportunity to customize fields for a sign-up form for your Affiliates. You can add new fields with the 'Add' button. Also, you can Edit and Delete existing custom fields.

Markup 2020-05-22 at 17.23.17.png

You can correct sign-up lines and set rules on the use of specified fields upon clicking on the 'Edit' button:



  • Required - makes the new custom field mandatory at the time of registration.
  • View -  makes the new custom field visible at the time of registration. The field with this checkbox is visible in the affiliate's profile.

import.png If the field is required, the View flag should be enabled as well. Otherwise, settings won't be saved.

 You can choose from different field types.

New Affiliate, when registering, will see the new custom fields as shown in the picture:


import.pngNote that the limit on the number of characters entered into the custom fields during Affiliate registration is 255. The text custom field has the limit of 2000 characters.

Old Affiliate will see the new customized fields in his/her profile too:


Registration in your Affiliate Network can be enableddisabled, or pre-moderated.


  • Enabled - registration is opened for everyone without any moderation.

Once registration is enabled, any affiliate can sign up on the affiliate's sign up page. Once an affiliate sign-ups completing the registration form, he'll be sent a confirmation letter via email:


In the Admin panel, you'll see such an affiliate in not-active status. Once the affiliate follows the link which he has received via a confirmation letter, he'll be assigned with active status and can start working with your offers.

  • Disabled - nobody can register. You can only add Affiliates manually or via the Import option. You can type a text in the 'Text for disabled registration' field to make your affiliates aware of the fact, that registration is disabled currently. 
  • Pre-moderation - you can allow or disallow requests for registration individually.

Once registration is pre-moderation, any affiliate is allowed to sign up on the affiliate's sign up page. Once an affiliate sign-ups are completing the registration form, he'll be sent a confirmation letter via email.  

In the Admin panel, you'll see such an affiliate in not-active status. Once the affiliate follows the link, he has received via a confirmation letter, he'll be assigned with on-moderation status and awaits your approval.

You can check how many affiliates are awaiting your approval on your Dashboard in the related section:



This section allows you to customize the menu position in the Partner panel, set the network logo, and the icon:

design.pngThere are two possible positions for the menu: horizontal and vertical.

It is also possible to set up a logo and an icon. If you have a dark mode enabled for the Partner panel, you also can set up a logo for this mode. Please contact your Account Manager if you want to enable the dark mode.

Support Information  

Use this section to specify such information as the manager's contact details, support email, working schedule, and affiliate network social accounts. 


This section allows you to customize the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your Affiliates. If you check the option "All affiliates should accept updated Terms and Conditions", after any update of its section, your affiliates would not be able to log into the panel without accepting them.

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If you have more questions on the Settings section, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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