You can adjust your platform settings by navigating to Settings. The section is divided into 3 groups. There are 3 articles that cover the processes of configuring settings:


Settings. Affiliate Dashboard Design

Settings. Content 

The Settings sub-section includes a range of options for configuring the use of your admin panel.



Configure your basic site preferences upon clicking General


  • Site name - Affiliate network name.
  • Legal address - affiliate's address for payout invoices.
  • Admin panel default language - default language of  Admin panel.
  • Timezone - all data on the panel will be displayed in accordance with the timezone you select.


Affise provides you with the opportunity to add your own custom tracking domains.
You may add several tracking domains for your offers and choose a default domain for each offer separately. More info you can find here.
If you want to change default tracking domain for all offers, you should enable checkbox “make default” near the domain.



E-mail setup is crucial for your affiliates to be able to register in the network and activate their accounts.
You have an option to use defaul Affise domain name: as shown below:


Affise clients can set their custom email accounts but have to update the fields above based on email account settings on the hosting side:

Mail – email account.
Protocolemail account protocol:
smpt – default protocol for email transmission.
smpt+ssla standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication;
smpt+tlssimilar to smpt+ssl, but with the different type of certificate (tlc).
SMPT-serverEmail provider SMTP server type which is typically set as ‘’ or ‘’. For instance, a Gmail account will refer to But that’s not a unified type, so you should pay attention and get the right SMPT parameters. Below you find a list of the SMTP settings of the most common providers:


SMPT-port port 587 is supported by almost every outgoing SMTP server and it’s useful for unencrypted or TLS connections; while port 465 is used to connect via SSL.
SMPT-loginwill be the same as your email account name.
SMPT-passwordwill be the same as your email account password.

If the info above was not useful enough to set up custom email account kindly contact your email provider to get more details on settings setup.

FAQ on email settings:

'When sending test email I see error 250 code msg'


Default email address ( has a limit of emails to be sent. Error 250 code msg means the limit is over. We strongly recommend you to always set your custom email account instead of the default one.

'When sending test email I see error 535 code msg'


Code 535 means the email account has a setting of the two-steps verification turned ON and/or access to third-party services is not allowed.

The steps below describe how to turn two-steps verification off and grant an access for third-party service in Gmail account:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account > Account (settings) > Sign-in & security




Step 2: Turn off two-step verification 


Step 3: There's also an option to grant access to specific application. Kindly folllow Gmail guide to proceed:


'My affiliate does not receive email notifications or see ‘Error of registration’ while sign up'


How to resolve:
Step 1: Make a test email to your email account:


Step 2: Proceed with steps described in FAQ to resolve error 250/535 code msg.
Step 3: If no error msg is observed and test email is passed successfully check your spam box.


You can set a global trafficback in the way you want it to be. You can choose whether to use it for disabled and paused offers or when the offer is disabled for affiliates. Also, trafficback can be used by any other reason, for example, when the traffic has an inappropriate user targeting, overcaps, etc.
Conversion status for caps count allows to set up conversions' statuses for caps. It works for all offers by default for all cap periods and types (converions or budget). If nessesary, it can be changed for particular offer in Offer Settings → Caps.


Also, you may use the trafficback option to distribute the traffic more efficiently. To learn more, please, follow the link



  • Admin URL - Admin panel site URL
  • Affiliate network URL - URL of the affiliates' workspace
  • API Address - affiliate network API URL 
  • Tracking site URL - affiliate network tracking URL
  • Impressions domain - affiliate network impressions tracking URL

Note: The “S” in HTTPS stands for secure connection and it appears in the address bar of your browser. We recommend all our clients, who use custom domains, provide us with SSL certificates.

Please, note that mobile apps usually are not transparent with users about the security of their web connections, and it can be hard to tell whether an app is connecting via HTTP or HTTPS.


In Security section you have 2 special options to ensure the protection of your business:

1. Set restrictions (IP whitelist) on entering the admin panel.

2. Generate Secure postback code to protect your platform against conversion fraud. 


  • Ignore secure code - this checkbox allows postbacks with secure code if it is not generated on the paltform.


In Billing section you can add your card number for automatic payment. 


Should you need any further assistance, please, contact

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