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Account Creation

On the Advertisers page, you can add and manage advertisers as well as to associate them with managers. If you need to create a new Advertiser account, just press on the 'Advertisers' section in your Admin panel and click on the 'Add' button:


You will see the 'New Advertiser' Page:





  • Company  Mandatory field. It is your Advertiser's name or his/her company name. 
  • Secure postback code - Optional field. Protection against conversions cheats. If the password is generated, Advertiser postbacks without this password will be zero-filled and not counted.
  • S2S (Postback) - Your Affise S2S Postback.
  • Contact person - Optional field. Your Advertiser contact person.
  • IM/Skype - Optional field. Your Advertiser IM/Skype.
  • Manager - Optional field. You can assign a manager to your Advertiser with the help of the drop-down list. 
  • Site - Optional field. Your Advertiser site.
  • Email - Mandatory field. Your Advertiser email. It will be used to send the credentials to your Advertiser.
    import.png Please avoid using the user's e-mail in Advertiser's profile settings.
  • Address 1, Address 2, City, Country, Zip code, VAT code - Optional fields. You can enter here your Advertiser company address. 
  • Tagyou can group your advertisers by adding a tag to them. Allows symbols: a-z, A-z, 0-9, from 2 to 16 symbols overall. It is not possible to add two same tags for one advertiser, but you can add the same tag for the advertiser and the offer or the advertiser and the affiliate. You also can check Statistics by using of tags - check this article to know more.
  • Note - Optional field. You can enter here some notes. 
  • Allowed IPs - Optional filed. You can enter here allowed IP for the postback from the Advertiser. You can add several IPs by using a comma or add IP range by using a hyphen.
  • Allowed sub-account 1, Allowed sub-account 2 - Optional fields. You can whitelist or blocklist chosen sub-accounts. Write one or more values delimited by a comma for the filter sub-account. Available only: a-z0-9,._-{}+=/:~
  • Consider personal targeting only - when the offer has general and personal targeting groups, click when coming checks firstly the personal one, then the general one. This flag allows to check only personal targeting group. Here you can find more information about this option.
  • Forbid the affiliates from changing the postback status (for all the offers of this advertiser) - Optional checkbox. You can enable it to forbid the Affiliates from changing the postback status for all the offers of this particular Advertiser.

If you have to deal with a long list of Advertisers or you're moving to Affise from another tracking solution, Affise Import option may help you to create a great number of Advertisers' accounts just in a few clicks. Find out more about the Import procedure here.

You can manage your Advertisers via API as well:

How can I export Advertisers?

You can export your advertisers by using this button:


Choose the needed flags (columns you would like to export) and press 'Export' button:


There is an opportunity to create a preset for the Export table. It is useful when you usually export the same data (like only ID, company and manager of the advertiser). 

See the GIF below:


You can delete the preset by clicking on the 'Remove' button.

How can I share access to the statistics to my Advertiser?

You can always provide access to your Advertiser to see the statistics of his offers if this is what is needed. Just add an email address while creating Advertiser's account and then click on the "send password" button.

import.png Make sure that your Advertiser's email differs from the email addresses users of your Affise panel have.

The Advertiser will get a confirmation email and will have an opportunity to log into your Affise panel to check the Statistics of his offers. Advertisers should log into your Affise system via Admin Panel just like you always do when you start working in your Affise cabinet. However, they'll have very limited access and see the following data:


While creating Advertiser's Account you can also manage the following options that will be applied to all the offers of this particular Advertiser and will define the traffic you'd like to receive:

  • Secure postback code - generate a secure postback code to be protected against conversions fraud. If the code is generated, your Affise postback URL for this Advertiser should be updated with a related parameter &secure=secure_postback_code_itselfIf the code is generated but not added to the Postback URL, postbacks sent from this Advertiser will be registered with error message 'access denied' and conversions for such postbacks will not be recorded in Affise.
  • Allowed IPs - a list of IPs you allow your Advertiser to send postbacks from. As a rule, you'll need to ask your Advertiser to send you a list of his/her server IPs to list them in the mentioned field. Each new IP should be written with a new line. You can use the IP range with a hyphen. If the postbacks will be sent from other IPs, postbacks will be registered with an error message 'Current IP-address is denied' and conversions for such postbacks will not be recorded in Affise.
  • Allowed sub-account 1,2 - this option lets you block or whitelist some of the sub-accounts 1&2 values (received from your Affiliate via a tracking URL in &sub1=,&sub2= parameters) on the advertiser's level. Write one or more values delimited by a comma to filter sub-accounts. Only digits, letters, commas are available.

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If you feel like there are some questions left upon Advertiser's account creation, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager. 

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