On Affiliates page managers can track affiliates' activity. The page comprises such affiliate management features as editing, advanced search, tagging and other options.

Section Layout

You can use this section to track affiliates' revenue easily. Sign in button allows you to view statistics and other data from affiliate's side.



Upload a list of affiliates

You can upload a .csv file with the list of your affiliates. Select the fields you want to import by clicking on the checkbox. Not checked items are ignored. You shouldn't use headers in your file and the column order should be the same as the fields selected.




Use this tool to tag affiliates in order to arrange them by groups and proceed with a quick search.



Use this function to highlight affiliates for further processing (for example, to verify traffic). To highlight an affiliate with a color you need to double-click its row. 



Edit affiliate

To access this page, click the affiliate's login in the table. Use this page to define such options as a connection to particular offers, a status of an affiliate, disconnect affiliates from selected advertisers, as well as to take notes only visible to the manager.

Referral percent - the individual percent for referral contributions. It will be added to the balance after the payment to referral is made (the bill for the referral is closed).
Referral partner - The affiliate who brought this partner to your network and will receive the contributions.
To create a new affiliate, click Add button at the top of Affiliate Management page.



You have also an opportunity to whitelist/blacklist specific sub1/sub2 values on an affiliate level:


By sub1/sub2 values here we mean sub1/sub2 values received from your Affiliate via a tracking URL in 'sub1' and 'sub2' parameters. 

If you need to whitelist certain values, put them in the relevant windows either for 'Allowed sub account 1' or 'Allowed sub account 2'.  Leave 'block' button unticked.

If you need to blacklist certain values, put them in the relevant windows either for 'Allowed sub account 1' or 'Allowed sub account 2' and tick 'block' button.


Adding Global/Local Postbacks

You can easily manage affiliates postbacks, choose the statuses and goals,change a priority between a global and local ones with just one click on the checkbox.



Affiliate IPs

This page shows the list of affiliates registrations by ip-addresses.



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