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On News page you can add and edit news for your affiliates:


You can add news by clicking on the 'Add' button:


Next, you will see the News creation form:



  • Subject - News Title;
  • Intro - News brief introduction;
  • Body text - News main text;
  • 'Active' checkbox - Enable this checkbox to show this news in the Dashboard section in Affiliate Panel;
  • 'Pined' checkbox - Enable this checkbox to show News first;
  • Pinned news background - Customize pinned news background via changing its color;
  • Pinned news text color - Customize pinned news text color.

Use the 'Save' button to save the News.

You may see two messages in the News list:

  • News' intro is not set
  • New's subject is not set


It means the news don't have the relevant fields filled in.

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If you have more questions on the News section, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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