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topic.png The article covers the following topics:

Affiliates section comprises such affiliate management features as account creation, editing, advanced search, tagging, and other options.

Account Creation

If you need to create an Affiliate account, you can just choose the  'Affiliates' section in your Admin Panel - > move to Affiliate Management and find 'Add' button:


All you need is to fill in the following form:


There are three required fields in the form - Email, password, country. Make sure that fields Email and Company Name differ from each other since it'll further affect tracking flow. The rest of the fields are optional.

As you can see there are two fields in the form -
Company Name and Contact Person. In a certain number of cases, Affiliates are not individuals, but companies, and in this regard, you can add Affiliate Company name and Affiliate name (Contact Person).

One more important setting is the Affiliate's status:

  1. active (marked in white)
  2. on moderation (marked in grey)
  3. banned (marked in red)
  4. not active (marked in yellow)

If you lack the needed fields in the registration form of your Affiliates, you can always add more just using custom sign-up fields which can be created in 'Settings' section - > 'Registration' tab.

click__1_.pngFind out more about Affiliate dashboard design settings here. 

Additional settings:



Enabled offers/Disabled offers options allow you to make this particular affiliate connected/disconnected to one or several offers.

Enabled offers/Disabled Smartlinks options allow to make this particular affiliate connected/disconnected to one or several Smartlinks.

Disabled advertiser option allows you to make this affiliate disabled for all offers of a particular advertiser.

import.png Access to a certain offer has a priority over access to all offers of the advertiser. If you disable the whole advertiser (all his offers) via this option even though the affiliate is still enabled for one of offers, he will be able to send traffic for this particular offer. This offer also will be displayed as available in the Partner panel.

Allowed sub-account 1 & 2 option lets you block or whitelist some of the sub-accounts 1&2 values (received from your Affiliate via a tracking URL in &sub1=,&sub2= parameters) on the affiliate's level. Write one or more values delimited by a comma to whitelist sub-account values. Turn on the 'block' button on the right to block the values you've written. Only digits, letters, commas are available.

You also can create affiliate via API:

POST /3.0/admin/partner

import.pngNo 'Welcome email' will be sent for affiliates added via API.

Control panel


Here you can do the following:

  1. Add a new affiliate
  2. Search for a certain affiliate by his ID/name/status. It is possible to show only those affiliates who have money on their balance.
  3. Search by tags
  4. Search by affiliate manager assigned to an affiliate/affiliates.
  5. Add filter by custom fields. Custom fields are additional fields which are to be filled by affiliate during his registration. You can add them here: Settings -> Affiliate Dashboard design -> Registration. Check our guide on Settings. Affiliate Dashboard design.
  6. Assign a certain status or a manager for selected affiliates in bulk. It is not possible to assign both status and manager at the same time. When you change affiliate’s status, the relevant notification is sent to him. statsaff.gif
  7. Tag selected affiliates
  8. Import affiliates
  9. Export affiliates

Affiliates Import

If you're dealing with a long list of affiliates or moving to Affise from another tracking solution, you can upload your Affiliates list just in a few clicks using Affise Import option. Find out more about Affiliates Import procedure here.


If you need to add some specific tags to particular Affiliates, it can be easily done once you're on Affiliates list page:


You also can add a tag (or several tags) on the edit page of a certain affiliate:


Allows symbols: a-z, A-z, 0-9, from 2 to 16 symbols overall. All affiliates can have up to 300 unique tags. It is not possible to add two same tags for one affiliate, but you can add the same tag for the affiliate and the offer or the advertiser and the affiliate. You also can check Statistics by using of tags - check this article to know more.


Use this function to highlight affiliates for further processing (for example, to verify traffic). To highlight an affiliate with a color you need to double-click its row. 


Affiliate Export

You can export affiliates by using this button:


Choose the needed flags (columns you would like to export) and press 'Export' button:


Tipalti ID field is available only if you have Tipalti plugin enabled. 

There is an opportunity to create a preset for the Export table. It is useful when you usually export the same data (like only ID, email and the name of affiliates). 

See the GIF below:


You can delete the preset by clicking on the 'Remove' button.

Balance of the Affiliate

On the page of Affiliates list there are the following columns



  • Balance: includes payouts for conversions, that have Approved, Pending and Hold statuses.
  • Hold: includes payouts for conversions, that have Hold status only.
  • Payout: includes payouts for conversions, that have Approved status only. Thus the sum in the column ‘Payout’ only is available to be paid to an affiliate.

The sum of money in all three columns is reflected for payouts for unpaid conversions only. Unpaid conversions - such conversions, which are not included in billing with any status for this particular affiliate.

If you click on numbers in the 'Payout' column, you will get to the page of all approved conversions for this affiliate with the relevant currency.

import.pngIf the affiliate is not in Active status, his balance will remain at the point it was when the affiliate became banned/not active.

See our guide on Billing for Affiliates to get more information about that!

Edit Affiliate

To edit Affiliate's Account press on 'Edit' button of a specific Affiliate on your list:


Use this page to define such options as a connection to particular offers, a status of an affiliate, disconnect affiliates from selected advertisers, as well as to take notes only visible to the manager.

On the edit page, you can also manage referral percent assigned to a specific Affiliate. Find out more about how you can manage referral payments in the detailed guide here.

You also can manager your affiliates with the help of API methods:

Adding Global/Local Postbacks

You can easily manage affiliates postbacks, choose the statuses, integration types, and goals, change a priority between a global and local one with just one click on the checkbox.


import.pngAlso, find a list of IPs on the same page that can be copied and whitelisted on your Affiliate's side. The IPs you'll see on this page are IPs affiliate's postbacks are sent from.

Find out more about Affiliate's postback sending logic here.

Pixel Management

On this very page you can check Affiliate's pixels which are waiting for your moderation:


Under the 'Moderation' column you can approve, reject pixel codes or leave them pending your approval.

Find more information in our guide on Pixel integration.

Testing Links

Markup 2020-05-18 at 10.57.45.png

This sub-section is created for testing Affiliates' tracking URLs and checking if the Integration flow you've set working properly.

Check the related detailed guide on how to test Affiliate's tracking links, which queries you may face during the test, and how to solve them here.

Affiliates Auth log


This page shows the list of Affiliates' 'sign in's by IP-addresses:


The date and the time are depicted according to the timezone set up for the whole platform.

IPs from European countries, which accepted GDPR, are shown partially as 92.151.38.XXX.

article.pngYou may also find the following articles helpful:

If you feel like there are some questions left upon Affiliate's Account creation, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager. 

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