On Advertisers page you can add and manage advertisers as well as to associate them with managers.


You can see the list of your advertisers.


You can upload .csv file with the list of your advertisers. Select the fields you want to import by clicking on the checkbox. Not checked items are ignored. You shouldn't use headers in your file and the column order should be the same as the fields selected.


Also you can provide an access to your advertiser to see the statistics of his offers . Just add an email, then click on the "send password" button.


NOTE: Advertiser's email should differ from user's admin email!



  • Secure postback code- Protection against conversions cheat. If the password is generated, advertiser postbacks without this password will be zero filled and not counted. Just add «&secure=secure_postback_code» to your postback.
  • Allowed IPs - Allowed IP for the postback from the advertiser. Each new IP with a new line. You can use the IP range with a hyphen.
  • Allowed sub account 1,2 - This option lets you block some of the sub accounts 1&2 definitions on the advertiser's level. Write one or more values delimited by a comma to filter sub accounts. Only digits, letters, commas are available.

If you put abc there - it means that all the definitions except abc will be blocked.


If you select «block» checkbox - it means that the sub account abc only will be disabled.


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