On Offers page, affiliate managers can track a current state of the offers. Available offers, the number of affiliates connected to each offer, how many conversion were generated by each offer yesterday and today and other useful information can be viewed here. The page also includes fields where managers can enter their notes.



You can also use this page to create a new offer or edit an existing one. After each offer change, you should click Save button to make the changes available for the affiliates.


 Control Panel 

  • New offer - click this button to create a new offer.
  • Assign - change the status of selected offers ( disabled, active, paused ).
  • Remove - delete selected offers (important! deleted once - can't be recovered).




Use these tools to sort and filter the offers.


To select a filter, you can start typing and then click the required value in a dynamic drop-down list. After selecting the required filter (or multiple filters), click the View button to display the changes. You can also set the number of offers to display on one page in the field to the left of the View button (the default value is 50).

  • Search by title or ID - use this field to search for an offer or several offers.
  • Advertiser - use this field to select advertisers whose offers you want to observe.
  • OS - use this field to choose desired OS of the offers you want to observe.
  • Category - use this field to select one or multiple offer categories.
  • Status - use this field to select the status or statuses of the offers you want to observe.
    Active - offer is live and visible for all affiliates who have access to the offer.
    Paused - the offer is stopped, it does not accept incoming traffic and it is not visible for affiliates. The platform will redirect all incoming clicks in accordance with offer 'Links' section settings. Paused - offer will keep receiving postbacks for the clicks registered before the offer is set to status 'Paused'.
    Disabled - the offer is completely turned off, it does not accept any traffic and postbacks and is not visible for affiliates. The platform will redirect all incoming clicks in accordance with offer 'Links' section settings.
  • Countries - use this field to select the countries of the offers you want to observe.



You can sort the table in an ascending or descending order by clicking the column header. 



  • Title - offer name in the system (link to offer editing page).
  • Advertiser - advertiser's name in the system. 
  • Categories - the list of categories to which the offer is related. 
  • Status - offer status.
  • Privacy level - displays the offer privacy level. There are three levels:
    -public – Offer is available for all publishers without any request by default. You do not need to enable affiliates for the public offer. The option "Send email to connected affiliate" is not supposed to be used for public offers;
    -pre-moderation – Requires network manager's confirmation for an affiliate to have access to the offer;
    -private – Offer is not visible from affiliate's side, except affiliates connected by manager from admin side.
  • CR weekly (%) - Conversion Rate calculated for a week period 
  • Cap - indicates if an offer has a conversion limit (Yes/No).
  • Daily limit - daily cap of the offer (dash "-" or "0" value indicates that there is no limit).
  • Total limit - total cap of the offer (dash "-" or "0" value indicates that there is no limit).
  • Last day - the number of conversions for yesterday.
  • Today - the number of conversions for today.
  • Payouts - payouts to affiliate for the offer.
  • Revenue - advertiser's payout for the conversion.
  • Affiliates - the number of affiliates connected to the offer. 
  • Notes - text note for AM (affiliate manager) that can be activated by a click. 
  • Start at - offer release date.
  • Countries - list of countries from which the offer accepts traffic.
  • Tags - marks for network managers, which helps to be guided through offers list better. 
  • Top - indicates if an offer is marked as "top".
  • External offer ID - Offer ID received from the advertiser and indicated in the corresponding field in the offer settings.
  • Actions buttons - special buttons to view the offer statistics and to manage the offer settings.


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