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The 'Tickets section' is intended for communication between Affiliate managers and their Affiliates. Affiliate can ask a question by submitting a ticket in the 'Affiliate' panel via the 'Support' section or when requesting access to the offer/Smartlink connection.

The 'Tickets' section overview

You can see all requests submitted as tickets in the 'Tickets' section:


Tickets can be filtered by:

  • Ticket ID;
  • Ticket status - opened or closed. Opened - means the ticket is new and not closed by you; Closed - means the ticket is resolved and closed by you;
  • Question Type - types of the Affiliate's requests, maybe: General question, Financial question, Technical question, and Other requests;
  • Affiliate ID;
  • Affiliate Manager ID;
  • Pagination - a number of tickets per page. 

Quick reply templates can be managed in the 'Tickets' section - > 'Templates' tab:


In the 'Templates' tab, you can create and manage new quick replies.

Control panel

A ticket can be selected by clicking on a checkbox on the left and can be managed by one of 5 action buttons on the right corner of the ticket access panel page:

  • Add - stands for new ticket creation;
  • Activate selected - is used to approve offers/Smartlinks connection requests specified in the tickets selected from the list;
  • Close selected - let you close all the selected tickets automatically (no need to view them or to reply);
  • Reject selected - is used to reject offers/Smartlinks connection requests specified in the tickets selected from the list;
  • Remove selected - it will remove all the selected tickets from the panel completely.


 In case you want to reply to the ticket you need to click on the 'Edit' button, then you'll get to the ticket page:


It is possible to attach some files for the comment while answering it. Attachments must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .zip, .gif, maximum 5 files/5 MB each.

By clicking on 'Statistics' buttong you will be led to Daily slice of Statistics with the already applied filter on this particular affiliate.


Tickets via API

It is possible to manage your tickets via API as well.
You can get the information about the certain ticket with the help of this method:
GET /3.0/admin/ticket/{id}

Get list of tickets for connection to offers with use of this method:

GET /3.0/admin/tickets

Approve or reject ticket for connect affiliate to offer:

POST /3.0/admin/ticket/{ID}/offer

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If you have more questions on Ticketing System, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via or your Dedicated Account Manager.

Written by Anastasia Deryugina 


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