On Statistics page, you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.


  • Hosts/Clicks - the number of hosts (unique clicks) and clicks (the number of all clicks).
  • Conversion statuses: 

Pending - conversions that are waiting for advertiser's decision.
Declined - conversions declined by advertiser.
Approved - conversions accepted by advertiser.

  • Payouts - the total of payouts to affiliates.
  • Earnings - income of the affiliate network (total revenue minus payouts to affiliates).

 Statistics Slices

In Statistics section you can group data according to date, conversions, advertisers, offers, affiliates and other slices of statistics.Screenshot_1.png


In custom section you can choose desired fields and observe statistics report with them. If you want to get a list of conversions you should tick particular statuses. Otherwise, the conversions won't appear on the list. 



Daily statistics is displayed for today + last 7 days by default. The max period which is avalibe in UI - 100 days. In order to get the statistics for the longer period you can use the custom report or API.


The slice represents the data on registered conversions. Here you may filter the data by timeframe, Offer, Advertiser, Affiliate, Status, Goal, Timezone, Countries, OS, Devices, Payouts, Total Revenue, Conversion ID, Click ID, Payment status, Smartlink category, Currency, Sub accounts and Custom fields values.
Currency filter has a drop-down list where values are depicted according to the data in the respective Settings section: the first item is the currency made by default, the other ones are active currencies shown alphabetically.
For your convenience, we also have the following statistics slices:

  • Advertisers
  • Accounts managers
  • Affiliates managers
  • Offers
  • Affiliates
  • Referrals
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • OS
  • Goals
  • Devices
  • SmartLinks
  • Mobile ISP
  • Connection type
  • Landing
  • Affiliate postbacks
  • Server postbacks
  • Retention Rate
  • KPI 
  • Comparison report

Comparison report will help you to compare the data just specifying the needed periods under 'compare periods' column. Use 'filters' by offer,advertiser and affiliate to compare statistics data. Mind that at least one filter should be used. If you'd like to compare specific data, you can choose the relevant fields like clicks,payouts,CR etc. Do not forget to check at least one field in your report.
Notice both periods you use for your comparison report should contain data so that a comparison report could be created


 Statistics filters

Filters help you to refine the data that displays in statistics. After you select the required filters, click the View button to reload statistics with the new filters applied.
In such fields as "Offer", "Advertiser", "Affiliate", "Country", "Smartlink"you can start typing and then select the required value from the dynamic drop-down list. You can use these fields to select multiple values, for example, you can select two advertisers, one specific affiliate and three countries. 

  • Date - to select the date range, click the required start date and end date. If you want to view the statistics for a specific date, double-click this date. 
  • Offer - select one or multiple offers to get statistics for.
  • Advertiser - select the advertisers to view statistics for their offers.
  • Affiliate - select the affiliates whose statistics you want to view.
  • Country - select the countries for which you want to view statistics.
  • SmartLink - select the Smartlink for which you want to view statistics.


You can use Export to XLS button at the top of the table to save your data as an Excel file for further processing.
To export statistics in .xls please use Export Tool button. Export Tool pop-up will appear. Here you can pick the Fields you need. After that click on Export button.



If everything is OK you will see the message.



Then go to Export section.



You will see the list of exported statistics. Latest one will be shown on the top of the list. Click on it to download .XLS file on your computer.



Should you need any further assistance , please, contact




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