Step 1: Tracking systems setup

Once your CPAPI account is created, you should proceed with syncing it with your Affise account to pull offers into Affise system based on your specific settings. To make sure that your offers will get into your Affise system, you should link both accounts by filling in Tracking Systems:



Base URL - your Affise API URL that you can find in your Affise account (Settings -> Tracking domains -> API URL). 

Api Key -  Api Key of Affise admin panel user which will be used and recorded in Affise user activity logs for any changes that are done further by CPAPI. Admin user can find his own API key into Affise account (Users -> User Management -> Edit -> API key).

Once Tracking Systems section is filled in, you can proceed with Step 2: Demand source set up.

Should you need any further assistance on CPAPI tracking system setup, please, contact Support Team via or your dedicated Account Manager.

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