Impressions tracking

How Impression Tracking Works at Affise

At Affise an impression (view of an advertisement) is tracked each time a user loads a webpage that an impression pixel is placed on. Impression pixels are available for all affiliates on a specific offer.

How to start impression tracking usage:

1. Go to the offer page and enable tracking impressions on the specific offer level:

2. Impression pixel would be available for those publishers, that are enabled to run the offer. 

3. A publisher could find his unique pixel in his partner panel on the offer page. After that publisher need to place the pixel in the code of his webpage to start tracking ad views. 

Impressions pixel can support subaccounts passing sub1-sub8. Those values will be saved in Affise database while sub accounts stats on impression tracking is comming soon.

In case of subaccounts passing, that pixel will have a look:

<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt="">

4. The statistic for the impressions is available in 'Daily', 'Advertiser', 'Offers', 'Affiliates', 'Custom' slices. Note to check advertiser, offer, affiliate filters to view Impressions tracking data. 

For more information about impression tracking with Affise, please refer to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, or just contact our team emailing to

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