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At Affise, an impression (view of an advertisement) is tracked each time a user loads a webpage that an impression pixel is placed on. Impression pixels are available for all affiliates on a specific offer.

How to start impression tracking usage for the Affiliate's side?

How to enable Impressions tracking at Affise:

  1. You should activate the “Allow Impressions” option in the Offer settings ('Offers' section - > 'Offer' edit page - > 'Tracking' tab):
    Allow impressions will enable tracking for the affiliate's side. Your partners will be able to take impressions pixel from their panel.

  2. Affiliate takes a pixel (a piece of code) on the offer page on his account. After that, the affiliate should implement the pixel into the code of the page where an Ad is located:


    Impressions pixel can support subaccounts passing &sub1-sub8. Those values will be saved in the Affise Statistics. You can view them in Custom slice.

    In the case of subaccounts passing, that pixel will have a look:

    <img src="" height="1" width="1" alt="">

    import.pngImpression pixel is used in cases when a banner or a webpage which is supposed to collect impressions (views) belongs to the affiliate directly.

  3. In case, if the banner or the webpage which is supposed to collect impressions (views) belongs to the affiliate of your affiliate (the chain of the affiliates consist more than of your affiliate only), you need to give your affiliate not the pixel, but a special link. You can find Impressions link in the Offer preview page: 


    This Impression link serves as an Impression Destination link for your affiliate.

import.png Impressions are not tracked (not recorded in Statistics), when:

  • The offer is not active
  • The affiliate has any other status, than 'active'
  • The affiliate is not enabled to the offer
  • The affiliate is disabled from the offer
  • The advertiser is disabled for the affiliate
  • The offer/affiliate was deleted.
  • 'Allow impressions' flag is OFF.

How to pass statistics on impressions to Advertiser?

The “Full-cycle” process implies passing stats on impressions to Advertiser.

The procedure is almost the same as it is with a standard impression tracking process, but it also requires filling in the ‘Impression Destination URL’ field with Advertiser’s impression link. You can find the ‘Impression Destination URL’ field in the Offer settings ('Offers' section - > 'Offer' edit page - > 'Tracking' tab):

Impressions destination URL is the URL for the impressions to be passed to your Advertiser. Once 'impressions destination URL' is set, your Advertiser will be able not only to track the number of impressions made on a specific offer but also to receive a different kind of information on Impressions. All available Affise macros for Impressions destination URL can be found under the 'Show macro' info icon.

Use the following macros for this purpose:

{oid} Offer ID
{aid} Affiliate ID
{device_ua} Device User Agent
{ip} IP-address


Impression ID
{sub1} - {sub8} SubId #1 - SubId #8


import.pngImpression ID is generated on Affiliate's side and passed to you via &imp_id= parameter either Affise Tracking URL or Affise Impressions pixel. After all, this value can be passed via the Impressions Destination URL or Advertiser tracking URL.

import.pngThat receiving of Impression ID and passing it further to Advertiser should be done via the same type of URL in both cases: Tracking URL or Impressions URL. 

The statistic for the impressions is available in 'Daily', 'Advertiser', 'Offers', 'Affiliates', 'Custom', and other slices. Note to check advertiser, offer, affiliate filters to view Impressions tracking data. 


import.pngYou can also check impressions statistics on sub-accounts in 'Custom' slice. To do this, you need to choose the date, necessary subs, and impressions:


Custom statistics will look as follows:


How to manage impressions via API?

It is possible to manage impressions via API when adding/editing an offer:

You can allow impressions via API with using of this parameter: allow_impressions.

You also can add Impressions destination URL via API with the help of this parameter: impressions_url. Don't forget to put the link with HTTP/HTTPS protocol.


Q.1: How can I get impressions from the Affiliate without the Impression URL?

A.:  The alternative to the Impression URL usage could be Impression pixel. Affiliate will have to place the pixel in the code of his webpage to start tracking ad views. This pixel could be found in the Affiliate panel, right near the Tracking URL: 


Q.2:  Which parameter I can use to track the Impression ID? 

A.:  If you need to receive Impression ID in the Affise Tracking URL, please, use the parameter &imp_id=.

Q.3:  Is it possible to pass impression ID and click ID via the Impression Destination link to the Advertiser? 

A.:  Please note that we don't support {clickid} macro in such a URL. Since impressions tracking and common S2S clicks tracking are separate tracking flows and can only operate simultaneously.

We support only:

{oid} Offer ID
{aid} Affiliate ID
{device_ua} Device User Agent
{ip} IP-address


Impression ID
{sub1} - {sub8} SubId #1 - SubId #8

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If you feel like there are some questions left upon Impressions Tracking in Affise, feel free to address them to Affise Support Team via or your internal live-chat as long as to contact your dedicated Account Manager.

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