New Demand Source setup

In order to add New Demand CPAPI source you need to:

1) Click on Demand Source button.


You will see the Demand source page. Click on New Demand source button. 


2) Choose the network type and fill in the fields below:

  • Title - Source network title (by choice);
  • Type/Access data - Open drop down menue to choose on demand source type. Find more info on demand source types and their settings there.
  • Tracking Url Params - are Affise <> Demand source params which will be auto recognized and pulled to Affise offers tracking URLs based on the settings set there.

3) Save and complete Demand Source setup.

4) See ready.png source status - proceed with campaign setup. 

See invalid_credentials.png status - click it for details:


Now you see server response from the source side. 


The response above indicates demand source setup can not be complete due to source side error.

Should you need any further assistance on demand source setup, please, contact

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